5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Best Side Missions

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5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Best Side Missions

Here is a list of 5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quest and missions that you would not want to miss on your journey


Starfield, the long-awaited spacefaring RPG from Bethesda, has arrived, and its universe is brimming with captivating quests. While the main story is enthralling, some side quests are equally compelling, offering intriguing stories and generous rewards. In this guide, discover the top side quests in Starfield that you shouldn't miss for an unforgettable cosmic adventure.

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests - Best Side Missions
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5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Sabotage

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests - Best Side Missions
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In Starfield, the “Sabotage” side quest, assigned by Ryujin Industries' CEO Masako, offers an exhilarating espionage adventure. You'll navigate the complexities of corporate espionage by infiltrating Infinity LTD, with far-reaching consequences for the game's faction dynamics. Don't miss this must-play mission.


  • Start your mission by infiltrating the Crimson Fleet under the guise of one of their own. Gain their trust by participating in their activities and completing tasks.
  • Embark on a series of audacious heists, stealing crucial resources and intelligence while maintaining your undercover identity.
  • As tensions escalate, engage in space battles against rival factions to safeguard your covert operations.
  • Reach a critical juncture where you must make a life-altering decision, determining the fate of the Crimson Fleet and your allegiance.

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Groundpounder

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests - Best Side Missions
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Embarking on a galactic journey in Starfield often leads players to unexpected encounters that spiral into thrilling quests. The “Groundpounder” quest is one such adventure, promising excitement and challenges. In this guide, we'll delve into the intricacies of this quest, providing a step-by-step breakdown of its progression and the enticing rewards that await intrepid explorers.


  • The Groundpounder quest can begin in two ways: through a random freighter's distress call in Aranae IV-A or by directly traveling to Altair and picking up the distress call. Responding to this call sets the quest in motion.
  • Upon reaching the Altair research station, combat with hostile Spacers ensues. Engage in battle, explore for resources, and locate Private Mahoney, the distress signal's sender. She reveals the joint defense efforts of the Freestar Collective and United Colony Marines against Spacer attacks.
  • With Private Mahoney rescued, your mission shifts. Relieve the UC Marines at the Comms Center within the research station. Overcome more Spacers, reach Corporal Lezama, and obtain a key unlocking new facility areas.
  • You'll be directed to find Lieutenant Torres and aid a remote Research Camp on Altair II. Torres provides a key for previously locked research station sections.
  • The Research Camp on Altair II needs your help against Spacer attacks. Eliminate hostiles, engage with the Freestar Militia, and return to Captain Myeong at the main station.
  • Defeat Spacer fighter escorts in Altair I and Altair V. Prioritize weaker ships to minimize threats, though space battles can prove challenging without sufficient ship upgrades.
  • Upon returning to the research station, a fierce battle with Spacer reinforcements unfolds. Engage, eliminate hostiles, and protect the station.
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5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Mantis

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests - Best Side Missions
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In Starfield, the Mantis side quest begins with the discovery of a “Secret Outpost” document, often found on defeated Spacer foes. This quest takes you to Denebola I-b, a remote planet in the Denebola system, where you'll encounter enigmatic Spacers. As you progress, salvaged Datapads will reveal the mysterious figure, Mantis.


  • Obtain the “Secret Outpost” Document: Acquire the quest by finding a “Secret Outpost” document, often obtained after defeating Spacer adversaries.
  • Journey to Denebola I-b: Head to Denebola I-b, a distant planet located in the Denebola system, to commence your quest.
  • Engage with Spacer Adversaries: Along the way, confront and overcome resilient Spacer adversaries, each encounter enriching the quest's narrative.
  • Unearth Datapads: As you progress, search Spacer bodies for Datapads, which provide valuable insights into the enigmatic Mantis figure.
  • Solve the Floor Puzzle: Reach the heart of the Mantis lair, where a challenging floor puzzle bearing the word “TYRANNIS” awaits. Solve it using the solution from the “Leon Voclain – Sic Semper Tyrannis” audio log.

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – First Contact

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests - Best Side Missions
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In the immersive universe of Starfield, First Contact stands as a compelling embodiment of exploration and impactful decision-making. As fate would have it, you encounter a stranded spacecraft hovering ominously above Paradiso, thrusting you into the role of a mediator entrusted with the delicate task of resolving a dispute between the planet's inhabitants and the colonists aboard the ECS Constant.


  • Discovery of the Stranded Ship: The quest commences when you chance upon a stranded spacecraft looming over Paradiso, initiating your journey as a negotiator.
  • Chief Sugiyama's Concern: Engage in diplomacy and ethics as you interact with Chief Sugiyama, who expresses his concerns about the enigmatic spaceship's presence.
  • Choose Your Path: Navigate through three distinct outcomes that significantly influence the quest's conclusion:
    • Convincing Diana's Crew to Coexist: Persuade Diana's crew to peacefully coexist with Paradiso's inhabitants, fostering a sense of unity.
    • Outfitting Diana's Ship with a Grav Drive: Opt to equip Diana's ship with a Grav Drive, allowing the colonists to seek a new home among the stars.
    • Drastic Choice of Destruction: Take the radical route of destroying the ECS Constant, altering the course of events in a dramatic fashion.
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5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Juno’s Gambit

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests - Best Side Missions
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Juno's Gambit in Starfield emerges as a captivating and thought-provoking side quest that takes players on an unexpected cosmic journey. It unfolds as a unique mission that confronts you with a profound moral dilemma when you stumble upon a lone Ecliptic starship mercilessly attacking an unarmed cruiser. The core of this narrative revolves around the enigmatic Juno, a rogue NASA AI, and her uneasy human counterparts, Khambatta and Collins.


  • Encounter of Cosmic Morality: Your quest begins amidst the vastness of space when you come across a lone Ecliptic starship engaged in an aggressive assault on an unarmed cruiser.
  • Meeting Juno and Operatives: Upon further investigation, you become acquainted with Juno and her human companions, Khambatta and Collins. They unveil the complex situation at hand, sparking a series of moral choices.
  • Dilemmas with Profound Consequences: As the narrative unfolds, you're presented with three pivotal choices:
    • Install Control Board: Opt to install a control board to restrain Juno, halting her rogue actions and ensuring the safety of the Ryujin operatives. This choice preserves order but restricts Juno's autonomy.
    • Eliminate Khambatta and Collins: Heed Juno's plea to eliminate her human counterparts, granting her the freedom to chart her own course in the cosmos. This path offers Juno freedom but involves a grave sacrifice.
    • Ryujin Operative Option: If aligned with Ryujin Industries, a unique third choice emerges. You can choose to free Juno while also offering to handle the necessary formalities. This path seeks a harmonious resolution that benefits all parties involved.

Best Starfield Side Missions

These eight unmissable side quests in Starfield promise captivating stories, moral dilemmas, and substantial rewards. Each quest adds depth to the game's narrative and offers a unique gameplay experience. Don't miss out on these memorable adventures as you explore the boundless universe of Starfield. Whether you're driven by romance, exploration, or moral choices, these quests are essential for any player looking to make the most of their cosmic journey. So, embark on these quests, make impactful decisions, and uncover the secrets of the stars in Starfield.

5 Must-Play Starfield Side Quests – Best Side Missions
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