Essential First 5 Steps – Comprehensive Starfield Guide

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Essential First 5 Steps – Comprehensive Starfield Guide

Discover the essential first 5 steps – Comprehensive Starfield Guide to take when starting your exploration of the cosmos with our comprehensive Starfield guide

Embarking on your journey through the boundless universe of Starfield can be a daunting experience. With a galaxy teeming with possibilities, it's essential to grasp the basics to make the most of your initial adventures. In this comprehensive guide, we'll delve deep into the first five crucial steps (in no particular order) you should take as you venture into the cosmos of Bethesda's space-faring RPG, Starfield. These steps will help you navigate the stars and lay the foundation for a successful and immersive experience.

Essential First 5 Steps - Comprehensive Starfield Guide
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1. Join the Vanguard and Immerse in the Orientation Hall

Joining the UC Vanguard in Starfield opens up a fascinating journey filled with challenges, secrets, and rewards. This faction offers an intriguing storyline and various missions that will immerse you in the game's universe. To become a part of the UC Vanguard and embark on this adventure, follow these steps.

Visit MAST Lobby in New Atlantis

Your journey begins at the MAST lobby, located in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison. To reach this destination, take the NAT tram to the MAST area, situated just above the NAT station. You can access it by using the ramp or the nearby elevator. Inside the MAST lobby, you'll find Commander Tuala behind the desk on the left side. Speak with him to express your interest in joining the Vanguard.

Complete ‘The Old Neighbourhood' Mission

If the option to join the Vanguard isn't immediately available when you speak with Commander Tuala, you may need to complete the ‘The Old Neighbourhood' main mission first. This mission is facilitated by Sarah Morgan, who will introduce you to Commander Tuala.

Begin Your Vanguard Journey

Upon successfully signing up to be a Vanguard member, you'll receive the ‘Supra Et Ultra' mission. Take the elevator in MAST's lobby to reach the Vanguard Orientation Hall, where you'll prepare for your examination. It's advisable to explore the Orientation Hall and gather information about the United Colonies' history, as this knowledge will prove valuable throughout your Vanguard missions.

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When undertaking UC Vanguard missions in Starfield, it's wise to exercise caution and be prepared for potential challenges. Save your progress before starting any mission to mitigate the impact of occasional bugs. Explore optional content like the Orientation Museum to enrich your understanding of the game's lore. Consider carrying EM-type weapons to handle various threats effectively. While there may be optional gear for purchase, remember that missions often provide sufficient equipment. When making important decisions during missions, be mindful of your companions' reactions and consider their storylines. Delay property-related decisions until you've completed the UC Vanguard questline to align with the narrative.

2. Efficiently Bind Weapons and Items to Your Quick Menu

Efficiency is paramount in the cosmos, and binding weapons and critical items to your Quick Menu will prove invaluable. You can assign up to 12 items to this menu, enabling you to swiftly switch between weapons and items during combat or exploration. To do this, open your Inventory, mark items as “Favorite,” and easily access them with the ‘Q' key (or D-Pad on controllers). This feature will keep you prepared for any challenge the universe throws at you.

3. Master the Stealth Skill

In the vast expanse of Starfield, mastering stealth is a game-changer. Amidst your cosmic adventures, while collecting abundant items and resources, it's crucial to invest in your character's skills. One such skill, Stealth, can significantly elevate your gameplay. Stealth empowers you to move discreetly throughout the universe, allowing you to sneak past adversaries and remain undetected when needed. This skill provides a useful indicator when you're crouched, revealing your level of concealment. Prioritizing the development of the Stealth skill early on can grant you a strategic edge and better equip you to handle the universe's challenges. Allocate skill points to Stealth as you progress in your interstellar journey.

Unlocking Stealth

  • It's available as a beginner skill in Physical tree. 
  • Some backgrounds start with Stealth.

Stealth Meter Indicators

  • White: Fully concealed. 
  • Green: Hidden but non-hostiles may detect.
  • Orange: Hidden but hostiles may detect.
  • Detected: Noticed by non-hostiles.
  • Caution: Approaching hostile enemies.
  • Danger: In combat with hostiles.

Leveling up Stealth

You can rank up your Stealth skill with specific challenges that will find in your journey. Stealth ranks offer detection reduction and sneak attack damage boosts, so also consider investing in Concealment for powerful buffs.

4. Enhance Your Spacefaring Experience: Upgrade, Purchase, or Steal a Ship

In the early stages of your Starfield journey, acquiring a new spaceship is essential for a smoother and more enjoyable spacefaring experience. While the Frontier is serviceable, its limitations can quickly become frustrating as you accumulate items and resources. However, choosing the right ship is crucial; starting with a smaller, more manageable vessel is often a wise decision. It not only eases carry weight issues but also offers a larger cargo hold for extended exploration and efficient storage. A well-suited ship enhances your overall experience, enabling you to explore new planets, engage in exciting dogfights, and venture deeper into the cosmos.

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Top 5 Early Game Ships in Starfield

When setting out on your cosmic adventure in Starfield, the choice of your star cruiser can greatly influence your journey. Here are five exceptional early game ships we advise you to consider acquiring:

  • Razorleaf Ship: This top pick features shielded cargo holds, a dedicated display room for your gear, and formidable ballistic firepower.
  • Star Eagle: A Class A starship with outstanding in-flight capabilities and a robust hull.
  • Kepler R: This Class C fighter combines high-class shields with top-tier cargo storage.
  • Wanderwell: If you've chosen the “Kid Stuff” trait, you can receive the Wanderwell ship from your parents.
  • Discovery: Is super easy to afford and has impressive speed.

Check out our guide to know more about the ships and how you can acquire them.

5. Harness the Potential of the Research Laboratory

In the world of Starfield, unlocking the full potential of the Research Laboratory is a game-changing endeavor. This feature, developed by Bethesda Game Studios, offers a myriad of opportunities to enhance your cosmic adventures. Let's delve into what this laboratory entails and how it can elevate your journey among the stars. The Starfield Research Laboratory serves as a crafting outpost where you can experiment, create, and modify various items crucial for your interstellar odyssey. It encompasses five distinct research categories, each specializing in essential aspects of your spacefaring experience:

  • Pharmacology: Providing medical treatment and performance enhancements. 
  • Food and Drink: Crafting sustenance to restore health and boost productivity.
  • Outpost Development: Establishing a base for resource extraction, rest, and repair.
  • Equipment: Upgrading gear and armor to adapt to diverse planetary environments.
  • Weaponry: Enhancing weapons through modifications like Barrel Mods, Grip Mods, Optics and Sights Mods, and Muzzle Mods.

First 5 Steps to Lasting Impact

Starfield's universe is an intricate tapestry waiting to be explored, and the initial steps you take are crucial in shaping your cosmic journey. By meticulously following these five essential steps, you'll embark on your spacefaring adventure with confidence, equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive in this vast and enigmatic galaxy. As you set your course among the stars, may your experiences in Starfield be rewarding, captivating, and filled with wonder.


Essential First 5 Steps – Comprehensive Starfield Guide
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