15 Pro Tips For Having The Best Start To Starfield

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15 Pro Tips For Having The Best Start To Starfield

Have the best start on your Starfield journey with 15 pro tips that will ensure you uncover all the secrets, improve the right skills, and journey and conquer the cosmos in Bethesda's sci-fi epic

Starfield, Bethesda's latest sci-fi epic, offers a universe of adventure and discovery. However, diving into this cosmic realm can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers. To help you navigate the stars with confidence, we've gathered 15 invaluable tips that cover everything from character creation to space travel, ensuring you're well-prepared for your interstellar journey.

15 Pro Tips for the Best Start to Starfield

15 Pro Tips For Having The Best Start To Starfield
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In the earliest part of your adventure, you will need to keep these 15 pro tips in mind to ensure you are well-equipped to tackle all the latter challenges that wait hidden in the vast cosmos of Starfield.

1. Scan, Scan, Scan the Universe

Your helmet's sensor is your best friend. Use it to scan planets, creatures, and loot. It can even help you find your ship quickly. This feature acts like a detective's vision, revealing hidden treasures and potential dangers within the game world. Scanning also provides a valuable XP boost by surveying the local fauna. Plus, it enables you to map out the cosmos, making your journey more efficient.

2. Rest Well for Healing and Progress Bonuses

A good nap not only heals you but also grants a “well-rested” XP bonus. Don't underestimate the power of a good night's sleep. This restorative mechanic not only ensures you're always in top shape but also accelerates your progression. It's the secret to becoming a formidable space explorer, giving you an edge in combat and other challenges.

3. Research for Crafting and Empowering Your Arsenal

The research station on your ship unlocks valuable crafting options. Invest time in research to enhance your gear and cooking skills. Delve into the world of crafting to make your weapons deadlier and your suits more protective. Crafting is a fundamental aspect of survival in Starfield, allowing you to tailor your equipment to suit your playstyle.

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4. Smarter Lockpicking

Beware! Hitting undo while lockpicking still consumes a valuable digipick. Be precise in your lockpicking endeavors. Lockpicking skills are indispensable in Starfield. From opening doors to accessing hidden treasures, mastering this skill ensures you're never locked out of valuable opportunities. It's a skill worth honing.

5. Efficiency in Storage Through Organized Hoarding

Don't clutter your inventory; store extra items in your ship's cargo hold. It's not unlimited, but it offers ample space. Efficient inventory management is crucial in any game, and Starfield is no exception. The ship's cargo hold acts as your storage sanctuary, allowing you to carry essential items without being weighed down. Plus, it keeps your ship clutter-free.

6. Favorite Your Essentials for Quicker Access

Assign weapons and healing items as favorites for quick access during combat, by streamlining your inventory management for a smoother experience. Combat in Starfield can be fast-paced, and being able to switch weapons or heal on the fly is a lifesaver. Favoriting essential items ensures you're always ready for whatever challenges the cosmos throws at you. It's your ticket to survival.

7. Restocking Health with Tactical Rest and Recovery

Look for beds in space dungeons to heal up after tough battles. Save your medpacks and utilize these conveniently placed beds. In the unforgiving depths of space dungeons, health management is crucial. Beds scattered throughout these locations offer a strategic respite, allowing you to recover without wasting valuable resources. Smart adventurers make use of every available resource.

8. High Reward Contrabands Bring High Risks Too

Contraband items are valuable but risky. Install a shielded cargo hold on your ship to smuggle these items safely. Embrace the thrill of smuggling by safeguarding contraband in your ship's shielded cargo hold. It's a risk-reward scenario that can significantly boost your earnings. Just remember, every daring space explorer has to play the smuggler at times.

9. Boost Persuasion with Chem Positions

Boost your Persuasion skill temporarily by consuming chems or beverages. It might help sway NPCs in your favor. Sometimes, a silver tongue is mightier than a laser gun. Enhance your Persuasion skill with chems or drinks to navigate tricky dialogues and influence key NPCs in your quest, as diplomacy can be a powerful tool in your arsenal.

10. Always Carry Amp for Speedier Exploration

Keep Amp on hand for faster exploration on foot, as Bethesda didn’t include any ground vehicles in Starfield. Exploring vast planets is a central aspect of Starfield and Amp grants you the speed needed to traverse these alien landscapes efficiently. Whether you're chasing down clues or evading danger, Amp keeps you one step ahead.

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11. Upgrade Your Ship Early

Seek a better ship through a short, enjoyable questline. Your initial ship may not be the best option. Your ship is your home in Starfield, and upgrading to a more capable vessel is a game-changer. Embark on a captivating quest to obtain a superior ship that will serve you well on your cosmic adventures. The stars are yours to explore in style.

12. Keep your Inventory Weight in Check

Prevent over encumbrance by regularly checking for heavy items, particularly ship parts, in your inventory that you may not need. Carrying too much can slow you down and hinder your exploration, so lighten your load by managing your inventory wisely. Space is vast, and you'll want to move swiftly without being bogged down by unnecessary items.

13. The Main Quest is Highly Rewarding

Don't ignore the main questline; it unlocks valuable content and enhances your overall experience. Starfield's main quest isn't just a narrative thread, but a gateway to new possibilities, rewards, and a deeper understanding of the game world. Embrace the main quest alongside your explorations, as it's the backbone of your journey.

14. Jetpack on Low-Grav Planets

Utilize your jetpack (boostpack) on low-gravity planets for swift traversal and stamina-efficient exploration. Low-gravity environments open up exciting possibilities for nimble movement, so master the art of jetpack navigation to explore these celestial bodies with ease. It's your ticket to defying gravity and reaching new heights.

15. Lockpicking Rewards Early Investors

Level up your lockpicking skill early, as it's essential for accessing valuable loot and unlocking shortcuts. The ability to unlock doors and containers is invaluable throughout your journey by leveling up your lockpicking skill to open doors to hidden treasures and shortcuts. Whether you're hunting for treasures or seeking shortcuts, lockpicking is your key to success.

Bonus Tips:

Always purchase lockpicks and medpacks when available as they're indispensable for overcoming challenges. Lockpicks and medpacks are your lifelines in challenging situations, and in a galaxy filled with surprises, it's wise to be well-equipped.

Upgrade your ship's cargo capacity by installing storage units, because this investment pays off when collecting valuable loot. Collecting rare items and resources is a core aspect of Starfield, so always have you ship's cargo space expanded enough to accommodate your growing collection. It's a collector's dream come true.

Ready, Set, Explore

With these expert tips in your arsenal, you're well on your way to becoming a seasoned starfarer in the captivating universe of Starfield. Prepare for thrilling adventures, epic discoveries, and the wonders that await you among the stars. Safe travels, intrepid explorer!

15 Pro Tips For Having The Best Start To Starfield
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