Starfield: How to Level Up Fast

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Starfield: How to Level Up Fast

As in any game of the genre, even in Starfield, there is the possibility of leveling up. Since as you get deeper into the heart of the game it will become more and more difficult, it is likely that you will want to know some tips on how to level up fast in Starfield so as to get the better of the enemies when you have to face them. For this reason, in this article, we have decided to reveal some tips on how to level up fast.

How to level up fast in Starfield

Obviously, the key to leveling in Starfield is to get experience points (XP), like in any other game. Nothing new so far, but there are some things you can do to level up faster, in addition to completing missions, whether primary or secondary. However, for completeness, in this guide, we will also talk about these two methods.

Complete main story and side missions

It might seem trivial, but completing Starfield's main missions is a great way to level up in the game. Indeed, it is actually the method that guarantees you will get more XP than the others that we will show you in this guide. However, not everyone likes to immediately try to complete the main missions and prefer to also take part in secondary activities to advance in level and be better prepared to face the main missions.

It must be said, however, that completing the main missions will not guarantee you as many XP as completing the main ones, but it is still a small boost that is always convenient to use. Furthermore, it can also give you the opportunity to break the pace a bit and focus on something else, rather than focusing exclusively on completing the main story.

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Go to sleep

You read that right, going to sleep allows you to earn experience points. It might actually seem counterproductive, but Starfield offers a 10% bonus for an entire in-game day after sleeping. Consequently, our advice is to return often to places where you can sleep in order to obtain the Well-Rested perk and therefore have a boost in obtaining experience points. It's a simple action, but it's probably the best way to get more XP.

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Defeating enemies

Defeating enemies is another simple and natural action in any game, but it is still an effective way to gain XP. So, if you intend to level up fast, put the diplomatic approach aside and get into action by eliminating as many enemies as you can. Furthermore, this method also allows you to find ammunition, weapons, and resources which are always a welcome addition in a game like this.

You can defeat enemies, of course, during the main and side missions of the game, but there are also many other enemies that can be found in other places, such as in outposts. Consequently, what we advise you to do is to explore the game world well and not leave anything behind. And this brings us directly to talk about the next method on how to level up fast in Starfield.

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As we have already mentioned, exploration is a fundamental thing in a game like Starfield, and not only to earn experience points but also to find the crafting resources that you will need during your adventure to create objects. Exploring the planets that are present in the various systems of the Starfield universe is a great way to obtain experience points; in fact, every time you discover a new place, you will be given XP as a reward for your discovery, and this applies to anything on the map.

It goes without saying that since Starfield is a very large game with tons of planets to explore, exploration is one of the ways to level up quickly in Starfield. Our advice, therefore, is to explore as much as possible every corner of a new planet you are visiting, so not only will you accumulate extra XP, but you will also be able to learn new things about the biome of that planet and thus also obtain very important resources and materials.

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Keep in mind, however, that each planet has a recommended level that we strongly advise you to respect, otherwise, it will be difficult to fully explore everything it has to offer. In fact, the higher the level of the planet, the more it means that it will be inhabited by dangerous creatures. For this reason, keep an eye on your level and, in case it is below the recommended one, level up with one of the other ways before returning to that planet again.

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Joins factions

Finally, having reached the conclusion of this guide, we would like to point out the last method you have for quickly leveling in Starfield and that is to join factions. In fact, joining one or more factions during your adventure will allow you to take part in special activities which, in most cases, focus on combat. This means that you not only get XP for completing missions but also for all the enemies you kill – so it's a double gain.

Each faction has its own board from which you can accept the missions that gradually become available during the adventure. Obviously, as you can imagine, the missions are linked to each other, so you will not be able to accept new ones if you have not first completed the available ones as some will only be unlocked later. In conclusion, we can say that taking part in these faction missions is a way to obtain a constant flow of experience points that does not come from story-related missions.

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Starfield: How to Level Up Fast
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