Starfield Crafting Resources: How to Get Them

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Starfield Crafting Resources: How to Get Them

In a previous article, we described to you precisely what resources and materials in Starfield are all about. In this article, however, we will go further into the matter to explain how to craft resources. Starfield crafting resources, in a game like this, are certainly not lacking and can be found almost everywhere in the game world, but with this guide, we have decided to give you some tips on where to find them.

What are crafting resources in Starfield?

First of all, it is important that you know what crafting resources are and how they are used. Crafting resources have different uses and are divided into five different types of crafting workbenches, namely: Spacesuit Workbench (allows you to craft and improve equipment), Weapon Workbench (allows you to craft and improve weapons), Cooking Station (allows you allows you to prepare food and drinks), Pharmaceutical Lab (allows you to craft different types of medicines) and Industrial Workbench (allows you to build manufactured components for your outposts).

This is the main distinction of resources that can be used at your leisure to create what you need most. Furthermore, you can also make use of crafting resources to advance research projects that allow you to unlock new and better crafting recipes. You can't do without Starfield crafting resources even when it comes to your weapons, as they will help you improve them and unlock new mods that will help you during your adventure. Additionally, resources are an essential thing if you want to build your outposts, without them you won't be able to do so.

To be able to use the crafting resources, once you have obtained them, all you have to do is go to one of the workbenches you find in the game mode (keeping in mind the distinction we indicated before). However, in order to use them, you must have them in your inventory or in your ship's cargo.

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Where to find Starfield crafting resources

As we have already explained in detail in another article, there are three different types of resources in Starfield: inorganic, organic, and manufactured. To obtain them, you can buy them from vendors, loot enemies and chests, explore planets, or harvest flora and fauna.

Purchase from vendors

The fastest option is to buy crafting resources directly from vendors found in all major cities. However, it is also the most expensive method because you will have to spend credits to purchase them. Once you have identified the seller, all you need to do is go to the “Resources” tab and see all the resources that are available for purchase. In case you have used the “Track” functionality to one of the workbenches, you will see a blue mark next to each resource needed to create the tracked recipe.

As mentioned, this method is certainly the fastest and simplest, but buying many resources has a fairly high price that we do not recommend spending. While the individual prices for a resource aren't that high, as you add more and more, it won't take long for your cart total to grow considerably. For this reason, we recommend that you keep this in mind before proceeding with this method.

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Loot enemies and chests

If you don't intend to spend credits to obtain resources, don't worry, there are other ways that allow you to do it without spending credits. One of these methods is to loot the enemies and chests that you will find around the game world. Collect as many resources as you can while exploring, but keep in mind the weight you may be carrying. In fact, each resource has its specific weight and as you collect more it will be added to that of the resources already in your possession. It goes without saying that, if you collect too many resources, you may find yourself with the problem of being weighed down and therefore your character will not be able to move (or almost).

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Mine planets

Another way to obtain resources is to mine planets. While you are browsing your Starmap, as soon as you are close enough to a certain location, you will have the opportunity to see what types of resources are present in that area. At this point, scan the surface to see the available natural resources that will match the colors that are present on the list of resources present on that planet.

Another important thing is to always keep your scanner handy when you are exploring a new planet. In fact, it allows you to learn what type of resources are present in the area you are exploring, so as to know whether you are looking for the right resources or not. Additionally, also pay attention to how you approach gathering resources. Not all of them can be collected in the same way. For example, Chlorine must be collected by getting close to it very quickly before it inflicts environmental damage on you, or you can also build an outpost to mine it safely. In short, Starfield is a game that gives you complete freedom.

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Harvest flora and fauna

Finally, the last method to acquire crafting resources in Starfield is to harvest the flora and fauna present on the various planets. Each planet will provide different flora and fauna, which means that the resources you will collect will also be different. To find out which ones you will collect, you can scan the animals and plants you find while exploring the game world.

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Starfield Crafting Resources: How to Get Them
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