Starfield Ship Inventory – Best Ways to Expand Inventory

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Starfield Ship Inventory – Best Ways to Expand Inventory

Starfield ship inventory is one of the best ways to get more storage, how do you manage all off that extra inventory on the ship though?

Starfield has a whole world of content to explore but there are limitations. When you’re out scanning planets and collecting everything that’s not nailed down, you’re going to run into the old inventory problem. Just like in other Bethesda games, you’ll end up over encumbered and unable to get around if you’re not managing your inventory properly. While you can sell things or use them, a better solution for a full inventory is to make use of your ship. The ship inventory Starfield has is the perfect solution for your storage needs!

Your ship is more than just transport. It’s basically home to you and your crew. You’ll need to make use of everything it has to offer. That includes using it in Starfield for where to store resources. The game’s on-player inventory isn’t the biggest, because you’ll need to start using your ship to help things out. In Starfield how to store items on ship is pretty simple, but it’s an area where there’s lots of space for improvement.

As well as the extra Starfield ship inventory, you can also expand things out and even shield cargo. This is how to store inventory on ship in Starfield and how to expand the amount you can store too.

Starfield Ship Inventory

Starfield Ship Inventory – Best Ways to Expand Inventory

Your ship in Starfield has its own inventory. Just like the player or character inventory, you can use the ship to store certain items. At first, this is just an extra place to keep things. You can store anything extra in the ship, you won’t have to move back and forth between planets selling things non-stop. Instead, extra stuff can just be stowed away on your ship.

As you can see from the inventory, there’s some decent storage space even with a more basic ship. Once you’re in this inventory section you can move items from your ship storage onto you, or the other way around. Basically, anything that you don’t need immediate access to can be stored on the ship to let you lose some items weighing you down! In Starfield how to store items on ship is simple and not limited by most types of items.

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One nice feature is that when you’re building new modules and outposts, you’ll automatically take them from your Starfield ship storage. Different ships have different inventories too, which means the best ships have a lot of room even earlier in the game.

Starfield How to Store Items on Ship

As detailed above, that’s how you can open up your ship inventory. How exactly do you move items over to there though? In Starfield how to store items on ship is pretty simple. This is all you need to do.

  • Open the Main Menu
  • Select Ship Page
  • Then Cargo Hold
  • Find the Item you Want to Transfer
  • Move it to the Cargo Hold

You can also do all of this by heading through to the cockpit and accessing a small panel. There is also the Captain’s Locker which you can use for more specific personal storage. You can find this in the cockpit of the ship too. It’s all extra Starfield ship inventory but you can get even more.

Starfield Ship Inventory – Best Ways to Expand Inventory

How to Upgrade Ship Inventory

Your ship inventory starts at an okay size, but not really big enough for a galaxy-faring universe explorer. If you’re bumping up against your inventory limit for the ship, there is a solution. You can add new storage modules to expand your storage space. You can find these in the same spots as other ship modules. Once you get far enough, you’ll even have access to the shielded cargo modules. These can help you smuggle in Starfield by shielding some of your inventory from scans.

How to store inventory on ship in Starfield is just as simple as upgrading the inventory. There are essentially two ways to do this.

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The first is to use one of the Starfield skills. Payload is one of these skills which factors into your storage. It’s a skill which helps you expand storage easily and quickly. You’ll get 50% more in your cargo hold from Rank 4 onwards. This lets you access more space in your ship inventory without having to grind or search anything else. It doesn’t change the system in Starfield for how to store items on ship. However, you’ll get a lot more space to work with. This essentially scales as you progress.

If you don’t want to use an entire skill just on Starfield ship inventory, there’s a different solution. It’s going to cost you some credits. However, you can still make your inventory bigger.

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The other way is to use ship customization. You basically need to get more Cargo modules. You do this through interacting with the ship services technician. This is where you sell ships in Starfield too. You can purchase more cargo holds which you can then include in the ship. This doesn’t alter how to store inventory on ship in Starfield either, just adds more space.

Outside of adding to your Starfield ship inventory, you can also just use a ship with better holds in the first place. You can switch over to a different ship which naturally contains more storage space for players to put items into.

Selling items from Ship Inventory

Your Starfield ship inventory can do more than store stuff. You can sell straight from the cargo hold. To do this, when you’re at an applicable merchant to sell things, you can switch over to your ship’s cargo. Then just continue selling things as normal. It’s all quite simple and easy to operate.

That’s everything you need to know about how to store inventory on ship in Starfield. It’s a pretty simple system. With a few different ways to expand out the Starfield ship inventory, you can easily hold everything you need once you get a few credits to start upgrading things.

Starfield Ship Inventory – Best Ways to Expand Inventory
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