Starfield How to Sell Ships – Steal Ships and Make Credits

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Starfield How to Sell Ships – Steal Ships and Make Credits

In Starfield how to sell ships is easy. Although, between unsellable ships and some that won’t even yield a profit, there’s a lot you need to know before selling ships.

Starfield has a huge universe to explore but you’re not alone in it. There are tons of different ships out there. You’ll come across them when travelling around space and in other areas of the game. Players will end up with quite a few different vessels, some even better than what you’ve started with.

Once you collect a few of these, you might end up wondering how to sell ships in Starfield. It’s a great way to earn a bit more cash out of something you don’t use.

Whether you’re trying to raise funds or just don’t want another ship that’s not up to bar, in Starfield how to sell ships is simple enough. Although, as this is a bigger item than selling something simple there are some extra steps you’ll need to go through. Travelling around, you’re going to end up with some spares, and you don’t really need all that many spaceships.

These can be ships just sat around free for the taking or those you commandeer after wiping out the crew. Then there’s even just spares that you’ve legitimately acquired!

If you want to know where to sell ships in Starfield and get some cash, this is how you can do it.

Starfield How to Sell Ships – Getting Ships

To sell ships in Starfield, you’ll first need to end up with a spare in the first place! This will happen when you’re out as a space pirate or just generally looting up around the universe. Once you’ve got a spare, you can progress through to sell for it for cash.

There are only some specific places where you can do this though. This makes perfect sense really. Not everyone who buys and sells is going to want to add a ship to their inventory.

In Starfield how to sell ships starts with heading to the larger settlements. A major city or bigger space station will usually suit you here. Anywhere that you can find the Ship Services Technicians.

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Once you land at a major settlement you’ll find these by your landing spot. If you’re stuck for a spot to land though, these are all of the ship service technician locations.

Starfield How to Sell Ships and Make Credits from It

Spots to Sell Starfield Ships

  • New Atlantis
  • Akila City
  • Neon
  • Cydonia
  • Hopetown
  • Paradiso
  • Red Mile
  • Den Ship

Once you talk to the ship technician, they’re going to ask about the ships in your position. You get a few dialogue options, select “let me see what ships you have for sale”. You can then pick Sell, with R on PC or Y on the controller. That switches you from trying to buy over to sell ships in Starfield.

You’ll then be greeted with an inventory of all of your ships. You can scroll through and view their attributes here. Find the ship to sell, and then select sell again. After this stage, you’ll need to go through another confirmation screen.

It’s a few different stages in Starfield how to sell ships being this lengthy though does cut down on mistakes. You don’t want to hand away the keys and pink slip to your best ship by mistake. Once you’re through all of the confirmation you’ll be able to sell your ship!

Can You Sell Ships in Starfield? Which Ships Can’t be Sold

Starfield How to Sell Ships and Make Credits from It

Selling ships in Starfield is as easy as talking to a technician, but you can’t sell all of them. You’ll be able to collect extra ships to use whenever you want. However, you won’t be able to get rid of all of them.

Your main ship, the Frontier, isn’t sellable. This is the ship that you get at the beginning of the game. While the answer to can you sell ships in Starfield is yes, you can’t get rid of the Frontier.

There is another ship you can’t see in the game too. The one currently set as your Home Ship can’t be sold too. You’re not able to sell this, it’s where your crew currently is and it might inconvenience them to have the place they’re living sold from under them.

Another limitation is registration. As with selling stolen goods in Starfield, there’s a rule about which ships can be sold. You will need to register the ship first, then you can sell it.

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When you land in a port, you’re able to register a ship for some credits. This is a hefty fee though so bear that in mind if you’re just trying to raise some quick credits. There’s still profit but stealing ships to sell means you need to factor that into your profit margin.

Most ships will still turn a profit even once registered, but there’s a way to be sure. A little bit of save scumming can help here. Just quickly save before registering, then once you’ve checked the sale price of the ship you’ll know for certain what the margin is.

If you’re making cash out of the deal you can keep going, if you’re not then you can head back to the save and this time don’t go ahead with the deal.

Getting Ships to Sell in Starfield

Getting more ships in Starfield can happen organically, but there are a few stages you’ll need to go through. Once you’ve found another ship and wiped out the enemies on board, you’ll need to head towards the cockpit.

Then take a seat and pilot towards a spot with a technician. You don’t need to change ownership before you start to move the ship. However, in Starfield the method how to sell ships does mean you’ll need to then change registration.

This is all done when you bring it into service with a technician as detailed above though.

Starfield How to Sell Ships and Make Credits from It

Changing Home Ships

In Starfield how to sell ships has limitations around home ships. If you’re looking to get rid of a ship, you’ll need to move it so it is no longer your home ship. This is actually a really simple process too.

Once you’re talking to a Ship Service Technician, another of the options can take care of this. Pick the view and modify ships option. From here find a ship you want to make your new home ship, and confirm that changeover. This is a simple process without too much fuss.

With your home ship successfully changed, you’re freed up to sell ships in Starfield! It’s a simple way to get some extra cash out of ships that are around the worlds of Starfield.

Starfield How to Sell Ships – Steal Ships and Make Credits
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