Starfield Best Starting Backgrounds

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Starfield Best Starting Backgrounds

Are you about to start your adventure in the world of Starfield and don't know which background to choose among those present? Don't worry, we'll take care of it. Choosing the one that best suits you is certainly not easy given the many possibilities offered. For this reason, in this Starfield best starting backgrounds article, we will show you which are the best backgrounds to choose if you are just starting your journey.

Best starting backgrounds in Starfield

As we said, choosing the background that best suits your needs and way of playing may not be a simple thing given that Starfield offers 20 backgrounds to choose from. Each of them comes with three pre-equipped skills that will be useful in certain circumstances rather than others, obviously taking into account the choice you have made.

Furthermore, Starfield also gives you the possibility of being able to build your background from scratch, in case none of the available ones fully satisfies you. However, choosing one of the ones already available gives you the possibility of having specific dialogue options, so it is advisable to choose one of the ones that are already present.

With this in mind, we help you choose the one that best suits your needs, dividing them by ways of playing, although we must point out that the choice is not so binding because you can still purchase all the skills during your adventure. Choosing one background over another is mostly tied to having specific dialogue options and the way certain characters talk about your past.

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Best hand-to-hand combat background

If you are a lover of hand-to-hand combat, without any weapons meeting your way, the Bouncer background is certainly the most suitable choice for you for a best starting background. This background has pre-established skills Boxing to increase the effectiveness of your melee strikes, Security to allow you to enter places you shouldn't enter, and Fitness which allows you to increase your stamina.

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Best combat background

If your nature is to fight enemies with no holds barred, the Soldier background is the best option. This background has as default skills Ballistics which increases the damage of non-laser weapons, Boost Pack Training which allows you to use a jetpack-like feature in both combat and exploration, and Firness which allows you to increase your stamina.

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Best stealth background

If your dream is to take part in the Starfield adventure making use of stealth mechanics, the Cyber Runner background is the one for you to choose from all the options for a best strating background. This background allows you to have bonuses thanks to its Stealth, Security skills to sneak into places locked with padlocks and Theft which allows you to unlock the pickpocketing ability.

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Best starship pilot background

If your dream has always been to be a spaceship pilot, your choice should be the Long Hauler background. With this background you will be able to have benefits for your ships thanks to the skills Weight Lifting which increases the transport capacity, Piloting which makes you a better pilot and Ballistic Weapon Systems which allows you to have many benefits regarding the weapons of your ship.

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Starfield Best Starting Backgrounds
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