Unicorn Overlord Nina: How to Recruit and Best Loadouts

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Unicorn Overlord Nina: How to Recruit and Best Loadouts

Let’s take a look at how you can unlock Nina in Unicorn Overlord along with her best build and abilities loadout.

In Atlus x Vannilaware’s recent Tactical RPG, Unicorn Overlord, you play the role of the exiled prince Alain and amass an army against the evil Zonoiran empire. Your job — free the continent of Fervith from their tyrannical rule. 

On your journey through the five nations, you’ll meet many colorful characters, some of them will give you side quests and some you can even recruit to join your army. Nina is one of these characters that will eventually join your roster of heroes, but unlike most, she is one of the missable ones.

That means if you don’t make the right choice at certain points, you’ll miss out on the chance to recruit her. For a completionist, that can’t feel good.

But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

In this article, we’ll give you a complete rundown of the character, her best builds, and how you can unlock her permanently for your army. So, let’s get started.

How to Recruit Nina in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord Nina- How to Recruit and Best Loadouts
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To recruit Nina, you need to complete a side quest called Uprooting the Rock Rats. You’ll get this quest in La Criselle Town, located in Cornia. 

Speak with Millie when you begin the quest, and she will ask you to join your army temporarily. She is looking to have a word with her sister, Nina. Proceed through the quest as you normally would and break down the barricades near the Tiche Donne Town with Millie’s unit.

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Millie and Nina will reunite after this, and after a short dialogue, another battle will start. After defeating Nina, there will be another short dialogue between the two sisters.

After the fight against the Rock Rats bandit, they will flee. After this, Nina will talk to you and offer to join the Liberation Army. Select the option Accept the Offer to recruit her permanently.

Remember, to recruit Nina, it’s important that you defeat her with Millie’s unit. Defeating her with any other unit will lock you out of obtaining this character.

Nina – Character Overview

Nina is a Warrior Class unit in Unicorn Overlord. Her repertoire includes an array of armor-reduction abilities, which makes her super-effective against Fighters and Hoplites. Her Leader Effect, Barrier Breaker, allows you to break gates and barricades more easily. 

She is one of the few characters that you can Romance with. To Romance Nina, you need to assign her to guard a town and give her gifts. Also, initiating Rapport Conversations will increase her affection towards your main character.

Her Growth Types are Keen and All-Rounder. Here are her base stats:

  • AP:
  • PP: 1
  • HP: C
  • Phys. ATK: S
  • Phys. DEF: B
  • Mag. ATK: F
  • Mag. DEF: C
  • Accuracy: D
  • Evasion: D
  • Crit Rate: F
  • Guard Rate: C
  • Initiative: C

Nina – Character Abilities

Nina can learn four skills as you level her up:

  • Heavy Swing (Valor Skill): Deals AOE damage. Also destroys barricades.
  • Heavy Smash (Active Skill): Single-target attack that ignores the target’s armor.
  • Binding Guard (Passive Skill): Next attack inflicts Guard Seal.
  • Assaulting Blow (Active Skill): Single-target attack that grands +1 AP if the target dies.
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Best Builds for Nina in Unicorn Overlord

Here are some quick tips on how to get the most out of Nina in Unicorn Overlord:

1. Best Skills and Tactics Loadout:

  • Tactics 1: Assaulting Blow Target HP is less than 50%
  • Tactics 2: Heavy Smash Prioritize Armored
  • Tactics 3: Binding Guard

2. Best Equipment 

  • Weapon: Black-Iron Axe
  • Accessory 1: Carnelian Pendant
  • Accessory 2: Mercenary’s Eyepatch

3. Best Strategy:

Nina is a hard-hitter who is extremely effective against tanky, high-armor enemies. However, due to her poor accuracy, she struggles against Thieves because of their high evasion. Pairing her with Melisander can solve this issue. 

In most cases, you want to place Nina at the front of the formation. She can soak up a decent bit of damage and can also easily break through Fighters and Hoplites.

Each character in Unicorn Overlord is designed with care, allowing you to try out different strategies. When you finally unlock Nina, don’t be afraid to play around with her to see what works best for you. 

And if you’re having trouble getting a good use out of her or unlocking her even, our guide should make things easier for you.

If you need more help on recruiting other characters or some useful guides on Unicorn Overlord, be sure to check out ESTNN! Good luck!

Unicorn Overlord Nina: How to Recruit and Best Loadouts
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