Unicorn Overlord Classes Overview

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Unicorn Overlord Classes Overview

If you have been looking for more details regarding the Unicorn Overlord classes, you are about to learn everything. We will go over what you need to know.

After we have shown you the Unicorn Overlord best characters tier list, another important thing we need to discuss is the different classes the game offers. The Unicorn Overlord classes are important because they offer specific skills that people can use in the battleground. We are about to cover everything, so let’s begin.

Unicorn Overlord Classes – Overview

Before taking a look at each class in Unicorn Overlord, you should know that the classes are usually related to a specific character. This is very different from other games that have classes, such as World of Warcraft, for example. 

Another thing that is different about Unicorn Overlord is that specific characters can be promoted to a better version of the class they’re currently in. This will give them more stats and better skills and make them stronger on the battlefield.

Unicorn Overlord Base Classes

We’d like to start with the Unicorn Overlord base classes because they are the ones you will come across once you start playing. We will go through each one.

  • Cleric – The Clecircs are basically the supports for Unicorn Overlord. They can support allies by healing them and, from our tests, they work really well with allies that have high HP. The list includes options like Gladdiators. Their Leader Effect is Healing Assist and, at the time of writing, you can play the following 2 clerics – Sharon and Tatiana.
  • Crusader – This warrior-type Unicorn Overlord class is good against flying units and units with high armor. What’s special about it is that it takes less damage from ranged attacks.
  • Fighter – This Unicorn Overlord Class deals physical damage, but the special thing about is that it can hit several enemies at once. It also has a high HP and can break gates and barricades faster than usual. For now, the only character you can play from this class is Bruno.
  • Gryphon Rider – Gryphon Riders have a lot of damage, magic defense, and evasion. They are good against Calvary-based enemies but are not strong versus those that are anti-flying. What’s special about the class is that it can ignore terrain and trap effects when it is moving.
  • Hoplite – This is among the Unicorn Overlord classes that have high armor. It can also protect allies, but since it needs its armor to be effective, it is weak against specific enemies. The class’s special effect is to take less damage from ranged assists, which you can test by playing Hodrick.
  • Housecarl – This class deals a lot of physical damage and can lower the defense of its opponents. It can also break gates faster than usual, and you can test it using Aubin.
  • Hunter – This class is accurate, highly effective against flying enemies, and good against those with high Ecasion. If you want to play a Hunter in Unicorn Overlord, you can get Rolf.
  • Knight – Great both offensively and defensively but it’s not effective against those that have anti-calvary skills. Knight’s Leader Effect is called Quick Rest and it reduces the wait time while resting. You can play this class with Clive and Adel.
  • Lord – Lords are great at both offensive and defensive matters and have Morale Boost. The latter allows them to gain more Valor Points when defeating enemy units. For now, Alain is the only word.
  • Priestess – This is one of the Unicorn Overlord classes that can heal and support her allies. She is good against armored foes and you can test it using Scarlett.
  • Radiant Knight – This class has good defense against magic damage, but it isn’t effective against flying enemies. You can test it with Monica.
  • Sellsword – Among the Unicorn Overlord classes that deal a lot of physical damage. The class’s ability is called Greater Garrison, and it covers HP and stamina faster when in the garrison. You can test it with Berenice.
  • Shaman – Shamans have magic resistance and can sap enemies to restrict actions and add weakening debuffs. You can test it with Selvie.
  • Soldier – This class offers both physical damage and healing. The Solider is effective against calvary-based foes, and it offers the Quick Rest option, which reduces the wait time while resting. You can test it with Chloe.
  • Swordfighter – Among the best Unicorn Overlord classes. It offers crit rate, evasion and high initiative. It has the Greater Garrison ability that recovers HP and Stamina faster, and you can test it with Melisandre. 
  • Thief – This Unicorn Overlord class can steal PP and evade attack, but it’s not that effective against foes who have truestrike. Thief’s ability is Quick Rest and you can test them with Travis.
  • Warrior – Mordon and Nina are among the representatives of this Unicorn Overlord Class. Warriors deal a lot of physical damage and can work well against units with a lot of armor. The class has a Barrier Breaker ability, which allows it to break barricades and gates. 
  • Witch – This support class can buff enemies with magic effectiveness thanks to the Magic Assist ability. You can test it with Yahna.
  • Wizard – Wizards do a lot of magical damage and are great against those with low magic resistance. The class has the same ability as  the Witch and you can test it with Auch
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Unicorn Overlord Advanced Classes

Besides the regular classes, this game also offers Advanced versions that are incredibly strong. Let’s learn more about these Unicorn Overlord Classes

  • Dark Lord – Great both offensively and defensively, and its attacks can cause afflictions. It has the Greater Garrison ability, which allows units to recover HP and Stamina faster.
  • Doom Knight – This class becomes stronger against enemies with low HP but weak against anti-calvary skills. It has the Quick Rest skill.
  • Feathersword – You can test this class with Ochlys, and it offers good evasion and magic defense. What’s also interesting is that this is among the Unicorn Overlord classes that become stronger in the daytime. It has flight ability, which lets it ignore terrain and trap effects when moving.
  • Great Knight – Good damage and defensive skills, has the Quick Rest Ability, and you can test it with Renault.
  • Legionnaire – Excellent physical damage and can protect allies in battle. Also, it has the Resist Ranged Assist, which allows it to take less damage from ranged attacks.
  • Paladin – Good against infantry-based foes that have the Resist Magic Assist. You can test it with Josef.
  • Sergeant – This class allows players to do good physical damage and can pierce enemy columns. Moreover, the Seargent can heal allies and has the Quick Rest ability. Players can test it with Gailey.
  • Sorceress – At the time of writing, Alcina is the sorceress that can boost an ally’s magical damage.
  • Valkiriya – She can use anti-flying and anti-armored skills and has the Resist Ranged Assist. You can test the class with Ilenia.
  • Vanguard – This class has excellent physical damage protection and offers Resist Ranged Assist.
  • Warlock – The last of the Unicorn Overlord classes that we want to include here is Warlock. This one does a lot of magical damage and can provide Magic Assist. 
Unicorn Overlord Classes Overview
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