Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List Revealed

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Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List Revealed

If you are unsure about the Unicorn Overlord best characters tier list, this article will give you all you need to know. Let’s start.

Unicorn Overlord became available just a couple of days ago, and it’s slowly gaining traction. The game has a lot of cool things to offer, but we won’t dive into them right now.

What we want to show you is our Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List and everything you need to know about them. Join us as we walk you through the strengths and weaknesses and the criteria we have used to rank these characters.

Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List S-Tier

Starting with the S-Tier, if you check the Unicorn Overlord wiki or see what people think, you will find the following names:

  • Josef
  • Sharon
  • Alain
  • Clive

Starting with Josef, he is one of the Unicorn Overlord best characters because he works really well with pretty much every setup. He is a paladin, which also means that he can tank a lot more than others. He also has the ability to reset his passives when he blocks an attack, which is also solid.

As mentioned, Josef is also a paladin, which means he has self-healing. The bad news is that his damage output is not that impressive. Thankfully, he is a Calvary class type, meaning he deals bonus damage to certain enemies, such as infantry.

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What we mentioned about Josef also applies to Clive, with the difference being that the latter is a knight. He can deal tons of single-target damage but lacks AoE damage and needs clerics to be effective.

While talking about clerics, Sharon is one, and she is a great option because of her durability. She is also self-sufficient, heals a lot, and can work in almost all setups. Another reason why Sharon is on the Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List is because of Lyrical Wand. She is probably the best character to get this item that will let her heal even more and add one bonus AP to an ally.

Finally, we have Alain. He is a Lord, which means he can work well in almost all setups and scales. The issue with him is that he does not do a lot of damage, so it’s probably better to use him as a supporting unit.

Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List A-Tier

Our A-Tier has the following:

  • Chloe
  • Auch
  • Travis
  • Yahna
  • Frank

Chole is a solider who can fit into most setups and offers good passives for her team. The only problem is that she only does good damage against the Flying and Calvary classes. She’s also not great against AoE and CC.

Auch is similar to Clive in a way because he deals with a lot of single-target DPS. He is a Wizard and a great pick against most tanks. Sadly, he is also a glass cannon, which means that you need to have good tanks to make him work. 

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Travis has the ability to stop enemies with his steal; he deals a lot of single-target damage and is a good frontier overall. Sadly, he is not good against AoE damage, which is why he is here on the Unicorn Overlord tier list. 

Next, we have Yahna, a Witch that does good single-target damage and can grant buffs. Sadly, this is where the positives end because she is only good as support and has a hard time surviving.

Lastly, we have Frank, a Griphon Knight known for doing a lot of AoE damage. He can also deal additional damage to Calvary enemies. This unit is self-sustainable, but Frank is weak against ranged DPS classes, so you have to be careful.

Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List B-Tier

The B-Tier list has these names:

  • Lex
  • Bruno
  • Aubin

All three can work in a specific situation, but these classes are just not as good as the rest. What we found is that neither of them fits well in an offensive team because they do not do bonus damage. Moreover, they don’t have enough options to protect their allies.


This is our Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List for now, but don’t forget to visit the article in the future because we at ESTNN will make sure to update it with the relevant information. 

Unicorn Overlord Best Characters Tier List Revealed
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