Unicorn Overlord Playable Characters – Everyone You Can Recruit

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Unicorn Overlord Playable Characters – Everyone You Can Recruit

If you are looking to find more information on all Unicorn overload playable characters, you are in luck. We are about to reveal all of them.

Unicorn Overload is a mysterious game that has taken over the world. And for a good reason. The game requires a lot of strategy, and it is one of the most complex RPGs we have seen in a while.

After taking a look at the Unicorn Overlord tier list, it is time to review all of the playable characters and see what they have to offer. At the time of writing, there are over 60 Unicorn Overload characters to choose from, and each one is different. Besides having a separate class, each unit also has different weapons, a unique combination of skills, and more. 

Unicorn Overlord Characters

After sharing some information, here is a list of the Unicorn Overlord's best characters. As mentioned, there are more than 60 characters you can recruit in this game, but the interesting part is that you can also choose to kill some of them. 

People who decide to kill a given Unicorn Overload character don’t need to worry because they will not affect the story progression. Now that you know this, here's a list of all Unicorn Overlord playable characters 


Name How to Get Class
Alain Quest – The Ring of the Unicorn Lord
Adel You must complete the Province of Famine side quest Knight
Alcina Sorceress
Aubin You have to complete the Call to Action quest Housecarl
Auch You must complete the Self-Effacing Sorcerer quest Wizard
Bruno Trifon Rixe Side Quest – Complete it Gladiator
Berenice Go over the Mercynary’s Trial quest Sellsword
Clive Call to Action Walkthrough Knight
Chloe You must get the first garrison from Palevia Tower Soldier
Colm Complete the Blade of House Meillet quest Figher
Gailey Sergent
Hodrick You have to defeat him Hoplite
Ilenia Valkyria
Josef You have to get the first garrison from Palevia Town Paladin
Lex You have to get the first garrison from Palevia Town Fighter
Monica Go over the Unyeldign Shield Radiant Knight
Melisandre You must complete the Blade of House of Maillet quest Swordfighter
Mordon Go over the Battle for Barbatimo Warrior
Nina Go over the Uprooting the Rock Rats Warrior
Ochlys Go over the Winged Knight  Feathersword
Renault Great Knight
Rolf Go over “A Solitary Resistance Walkthrough Hunter
Sharon Goi over “The Winged Knight” side quest Clerc
Selvie Complete “The Sigin’s Trial” Shaman
Scarlett She becomes available during The ring of the Unicorn Priestess
Travis This unit will join automatically Thief
Tatiana Go over the Tormented Helm quest Clerc
Yahna You have to complete the Ravaged Swamp quest Witch
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Unicorn Overlord Playable Characters – Everyone You Can Recruit
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