Unicorn Overlord Romance Guide

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Unicorn Overlord Romance Guide

Master romance in the new tactical RPG with our Unicorn Overlord Romance Guide

The new tactical RPG Unicorn Overload has a lot to offer to its player base. One is the romance aspect of the game. For those of you who want Alain to find his soulmate, we are here to make it easy for you! With this article, we will provide you with everything you need to know about romance, connections and marriage in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord Romance Guide

Romance in Unicorn Overlord is not too complicated but it will take you some time. We will dive into all the potential partners for Alain, how to maximize rapport and then tie the knot!

How to Build Rapport in Unicorn Overlord

In order to pursue a romantic relationship with a character, you must first build rapport with them. Firstly, put the character you like in the same unit as Alain. Regardless of winning or losing, joining forces in the battles can really help strengthen the bond between Alain and other characters!

You can also share a meal at the tavern. You can find taverns in the big walled cities, the first one you can access is located in Barbatimo. All you need to do is complete The Battle for Barbatimo and fulfill the first set of delivery tasks.

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Lastly, you can build rapport by giving gifts. However, remember that you can only offer gifts when they are stationed as guards in liberated towns. Look for suitable gifts at Provisioner shops in towns or seek out the Black Market Dealer.

Building rapport with characters will unlock special conversations, which can easily be spotted on the overworld map. Characters will also benefit from stat bonuses when they're in a unit with high rapport characters, these bonuses can even stack! High rapport will also unlock the marriage system.

Unicorn Overlord Romance Guide
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How to Get Married in Unicorn Overlord

Once you have reached maximum rapport with a character, you can marry them! After every special conversation has taken place, Alain can do the Rite of Covenant where he will offer the Ring of Maiden to his romantic interest. Rite of Covenant can be found at the west of Palevia Town on the Isle of Palevia.

To obtain the Ring of Maiden (which is the counterpart of Alain’s Ring of Unicorn), you have to finish the series of quests in Elheim. Rescue Scarlett in “The Princess, abducted” and unlock the Elheim Main Quest by starting “The Winding Wood”.

Characters to Romance

Here is a list of characters that Alain can build a rapport with, and eventually marry, along with their locations.

Character Location Character Location
Adel (Male) Corina Leah (F) Drakenhold
Aramis (M) Drakenhold Lex (M) Corina
Aubin (M) Corina Melisandre (F) Corina
Auch (M) Corina Miriam (F) Corina
Berengaria (Female) Drakenhold Monica (F) Corina
Berenice (F) Corina Mordon (M) Corina
Bruno (M) Corina Nina (F) Corina
Celeste (F) Elheim Ochlys (F) Corina
Chloe (F) Corina Primm (F) Drakenhold
Clive (M) Corina Renault (M) Drakenhold
Colm (M) Corina Rolf (M) Corina
Fran (F) Corina Rosalinde (F) Elheim
Gailey (M) Finish the quest “Dying Breath of an Empire Fallen” Scarlett (F) Corina
Gilbert (M) Drakenhold Selvie (F) Corina
Hilda (F) Drakenhold Sharon (F) Corina
Hodrick (M) Corina Tatiana (F) Corina
Ithilion (M) Elheim Travis (M) Corina
Josef (M) Corina Virginia (F) Drakenhold
Kitra (F) Corina Yahna (F) Corina
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That’s it! Take your time and build rapport with characters you like and then decide who you want to see Alain with. Check out our other articles on Unicorn Overlord such as the Mordon Quest, how to Recruit Gilbert and All Cornia Treasure Maps Solutions. If you want to stay updated about anything and everything in the gaming world, keep an eye on ESTNN!

Unicorn Overlord Romance Guide
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