Unicorn Overlord – How To Recruit Gilbert

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Unicorn Overlord – How To Recruit Gilbert

This article will be discussing how to recruit Gilbert in Unicorn Overlord

Released on March 8, 2024, Unicorn Overlord is the latest mark in the strategic RPG genre territory. Featuring a very pleasing art style which blends 3D and 2D elements together, Unicorn Overlord is set in a high-fantasy world known as Fevrith, a continent which houses many different characters, each with their own enticing or enigmatic backstory associated with them. 

There are plenty of these characters available for you to unlock so that they can help you out in your combat expeditions and various quests throughout the game. Today, we will be discussing how to recruit one of these particular characters, one that goes by the name of Gilbert.

Formally known as Prince Gilbert, he is introduced to us as the contemporary prince of Drakenhold and was given this status after his father faced death at the hands of the Zenoiran army. As a character that you can play, he mainly takes the offensive role and will be able to dish out plenty of damage in the battlefield. Let’s take a look at how you can recruit him.

How to Recruit Gilbert in Unicorn Overlord

Unicorn Overlord - How To Recruit Gilbert

The first step to getting Gilbert is actually recruiting a different character; you need to get to Drakenhold and finish the main quest ‘The General in Black’. Doing so will let you recruit Aramis, and you’ll need him by your side if you want to ultimately recruit Gilbert. Failing to recruit him will lock you out of getting Gilbert, so keep that in mind.

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The next step is getting to the mission ‘Heir to the Dragonlands’, also located in the Drakenhold region. Once the battle starts, go east to meet up with Gilbert at the fort, as Virginia will tell you to do.

After an interaction with Virginia and some important lore dumps on the player that we don’t want to reveal for spoiler purposes, the game will tell you to decide between two options that will determine if Gilbert will join your army. To recruit him, you must choose ‘Agree to speak with him.’

Then all you have to do is finish the battle as you normally would and in the end, you’ll see a cutscene play out involving Gilbert and Aramis. After some much needed reconciliation between the two characters and the quest finishes, Gilbert will be successfully recruited into your team.

And that concludes our article for the recruitment process of Gilbert. Just like most of the characters, he has a very interesting backstory and is quite reliable on the battlefield, so we recommend every player to consider making him a regular damage dealer in your army!

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Unicorn Overlord – How To Recruit Gilbert
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