Unicorn Overlord – How To Recruit Laurent

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Unicorn Overlord – How To Recruit Laurent

Trouble finding new characters? Take a look as we show you how to recruit Laurent in Unicorn Overlord.

Unicorn Overlord has an impressive amount of characters that you can have in your roster, with roughly over 60 characters to unlock and each of them having their own backstory and personalities. Today, we will be talking about Laurent, who is one of the characters you’ll run into in the story, and how to unlock him.

How to Recruit Laurent in Unicorn Overlord – Encountering

Unicorn Overlord - How To Recruit Laurent

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Most characters in Unicorn Overlord will join you after a short period of time, but you’ll have to work a little bit extra to get Laurent on your side. Regardless, it’s still pretty easy so let’s take a look at how you can do that.

To get the chance of running into Laurent, you’ll first have to complete the mission ‘The Priestess, Abducted’. It’s one of the first main missions in the storyline of the game and you’ll get to finish it pretty early.

Once you do that, the world will open up a bit more, and you’ll start to encounter Laurent in specific battles, fighting by your side. This will happen automatically and you don’t have to do anything specific to get it to occur. You can also control him in Liberation Quests, which you’ll find all over the world, and to be more precise, you’ll only find Laurent in quests located in Cornia and Drakehold.

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Recruiting Laurent Permanently

Unicorn Overlord - How To Recruit Laurent

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To unlock Laurent and have him in your roster forever, all that you’ll have to do is finish 4 Liberation Quests, as long as they’re the quests where Laurent shows up to help you. After you finish the fourth quest, you’ll see a small cutscene where he will pledge to your command and join you.

Laurent is an extremely powerful unit but he will join you at a level that’s suited to your army’s average level when you recruit him. Regardless, he’s an incredible character and very reliable once you properly build him and level him up.

And that concludes our short article on how to recruit Laurent for your army. It’s relatively simple to get him and it’s very much worth it, so we recommend every player to get their hands on this wonderful character! 

Unicorn Overlord – How To Recruit Laurent
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