Unicorn Overlord On Nintendo Switch vs PS5 – Graphics and Performance Comparison

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Unicorn Overlord On Nintendo Switch vs PS5 – Graphics and Performance Comparison

Take a look as we discuss Unicorn Overlord on Nintendo Switch vs PS5, comparing graphics and performance.

Unicorn Overlord is one of the newest releases in the genre of tactical role-playing games. Developed by Vanillaware and published by SEGA worldwide, it has been under development for over 10 years, finally available for players as it was released on March 8th, 2024. 

The game is out for various platforms, including Xbox Series X/S, PS4, PS5 and Nintendo Switch. Unfortunately, the game won’t be getting a PC port, as stated by Vanilalware themselves. That being said, this article is catered towards those people who own both a PS5 and the Nintendo Switch, as we’ll be discussing the discrepancies between the two editions and determine which one is best for you.

Unicorn Overlord on the Playstation 5

Unicorn Overlord On Nintendo Switch vs PS5 - Graphics and Performance Comparison

Comparing performances, the Playstation 5 is clearly superior to the Nintendo Switch, with 4K resolution capabilities, significantly more powerful GPU, CPU, RAM and storage capacities. Not to mention, the game will run incredibly smooth and look amazing while doing so. The PS5 is one of the most powerful consoles out right now, capable of running every game as smoothly as possible.

So if you’re a fan of hardware capabilities and raw power output and the maximum performance achievable while playing Unicorn Overload, then the PS5 is the obvious answer for you. But if we compare it to a Nintendo Switch, the Playstation 5 is not portable and you won’t be able to play the game while traveling or if you like playing games while chilling on the bed, couch or literally anywhere.

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Unicorn Overlord on the Nintendo Switch

Unicorn Overlord On Nintendo Switch vs PS5 - Graphics and Performance Comparison

Looking at the Switch port, there’s quite a lot of features that might make you want to consider getting Unicorn Overlord for it. The main gripe that most people have against the Switch is the reduced graphical output in the game ports released for it. Notable examples include Batman: Arkham Knight or The Witcher 3.

But in the case of Unicorn Overlord, we’ve noticed that the game looks really good on the Switch, and the art style especially goes exceptionally well with the handheld style of the console. And another thing that people complain about is the increased load times for games on the Switch, but we’re happy to say that this isn’t the case for Unicorn Overlord as well.

Add to everything the ease-of-access of the Switch and the portability of it, and you get a game port that is quite worth getting. Plus, the Switch is much cheaper than the Playstation 5 in the current market, so it’ll save you a few bucks as well. 

Unicorn Overlord on Nintendo Switch vs PS5 – Which One To Pick?

Considering everything, if performance and 4K output is tantamount to you for a gaming experience, then definitely get Unicorn Overlord for the PS5. But we recommend getting the game on Switch, as the art style and the gameplay just mixes perfectly well with the Switch’s portability and handheld aesthetic. 

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Not to mention, we personally don’t think a 4K resolution is necessary for enjoying Unicorn Overlord and that the 1080p resolution output for the Switch matches perfectly with the graphics of the game.

All in all, that concludes our comparison of Unicorn Overlord for Nintendo Switch vs PS5. As we’ve said, if you prefer raw power and performance, go for the PS5 but there’s more pros to playing this game on a Switch, at least in our opinion. With that said, if you own either of the consoles but not both, definitely get this for the one that you own.

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Unicorn Overlord On Nintendo Switch vs PS5 – Graphics and Performance Comparison
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