Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide

Conquer the battlefield in low poly with our Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor guide

Square Enix has finally released the highly anticipated continuation of Cloud and his friends’ destiny, Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth. Having hit the stores on February 29th, 2024, the sequel follows through with everything that made the initial installment to the series as groundbreaking as it is. With a phenomenally written narrative and characters that feel life-like thanks to their incredibly written personalities, Final Fantasy VII has it all, ranging from a satisfying combat, an interactive world and minigames.

For this article, we will be focusing on the minigame aspect of Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, specifically one of them in particular. If you’ve played the Yuffie DLC for the original Final Fantasy VII Remake, then it’s very likely that you're familiar with the minigame in question. Called Fort Condor, the game puts you into an adorable low-poly papercraft world and you’ll have to beat an advancing army with your papercraft heroes.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Basics

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide
Source: Gamers Heroes on YouTube

The game is essentially a tower defense mixed with type matchups akin to rock paper scissors. There are three different types and the matchups are essential to understanding and beating the game. Vanguards are your offense characters and they’ll be strong against Ranged units. Ranged units are your – well – ranged characters and will be strong against Defense characters, which are strong against Vanguards.

This implies that if the enemy spawns one type in a particular lane, you should immediately match it up with the type that’s strong against it. Once you’ve spawned enough of a certain type, you’ll be able to call in heroes: You’ll be able to call Cloud once you’ve spawned enough Defense units, Barret for Ranged, and Tifa for Vanguard.

You can also summon other roles like the Cleric that will heal your troops so that they stay alive for longer. But mainly, you’ll be using them to keep your big boys alive, like the Elite Enforcers and your heroes. As we go through the guide, we’ll explain the best spots and situations to use them, so let’s get right into it.

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Phenomenon Intel 1 – Wrack and Ruin

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide
Source: Gamers Heroes on YouTube

Now we’ll be going over each of the matches and the best way to deal with them. The first one is called Wrack and Ruin and for your heroes, we recommend choosing Barret and Cloud. 

Wait and see what the enemy sends, and simply send out the stronger type. If you’re having trouble remembering what type is strong against which, a simple way to remember them is the following:

  • Red is strong against Green.
  • Green is strong against Blue.
  • Blue is strong against Red.

As you spawn more of your units, you’ll build up the meter that will eventually let you spawn one of your heroes. This mode is pretty intuitive and hard to mess up, so just make sure to spawn Cloud and Barret once the enemy calls forth a large group of enemies. 

Phenomenon Intel 2 – Flotsam and Jetsam

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide
Source: Gamers Heroes on YouTube

Using Elite Enforcers in this match will prove to be very useful as they have a lot of health and will be able to tank a lot of damage for your troop. Make sure to choose a Balanced force this time as well with Cloud and Tifa as your heroes. 

To keep your Elite Enforcers healthy and kicking, make sure to deploy Clerics so that they can keep your Enforcers alive and ensure their survivability for longer. Summon the proper matchups from time to time so that you can keep back the forces and build up the hero meter. 

Cloud is a defensive tank and will be able to keep your allies alive for longer while Tifa can dish out quite a lot of damage to the enemy troops. Make sure to use them at the right time so that nothing can slow you down.

Phenomenon Intel 3 – Crumbling Fastness

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide
Source: Gamers Heroes on YouTube

For this fight, use a Balanced build again but this time,  you’ll have to let enemies approach you and then counter them instead of going for the aggressive by initiating fights. Slowly work your way up using this basic technique and you should be able to surpass most of the enemy troops.

Having Cloud and Barret is also optimal for this match, and make sure to have them in the same lane so that they can synergize with each other. You can also summon the Clerics to increase the resilience of your entire team, along with the defense bonus that Cloud gives you in the battlefield.

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Phenomenon Intel 4 – Encampment Vestiges

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide
Source: Gamers Heroes on YouTube

This is going to be the hardest fight so far, and for this one, we recommend using an Offense build. Doing so will get you access to the Trebuchet which will be vital in snatching you the victory.

Again, let the enemies spawn their troops and summon the counter attacking types accordingly. Take your time with this one and keep an eye out throughout the whole battlefield to make sure no one is getting too hurt or a lane is not getting overwhelmed by the enemies.

Use Cloud and Barret for the heroes, and summon them at the same time so that they can watch each other's backs just like last time. They’ll also be useful for defeating the bigger troops and making sure they keep the pace of your attack ongoing. 

Once you push the front line to the center, place two Trebuchets in front of the main enemy HQ. They will attack on their own after a period of time so you don’t have to do anything else. Their main use is to ensure that you’ll still be doing damage when the enemy uses a spell on you that’ll freeze all of your attackers for a few seconds.

Rewards and Hard Mode

That concludes our guide for the basics of this game mode. It’s important to mention that the missions mentioned above are only in the easy mode and there are much harder modes once you go through all of the previous ones. The basics and fundamentals remain the same, but the difficulty scales WAY up, so be mentally prepared for some frustration.

As for your rewards, you’ll obtain a Protorelic, which you’ll need for the World Intels concerning Chadley. This minigame is without a doubt one of the hardest ways to obtain a Protorelic, and if you’re platinuming the game, then it’s something you have to see through to the end, as it earns you the Condor Commander trophy as well.

For more guides about Final Fantasy VII Rebirth, be sure to check out this quest guide or scenic spot locations in the game.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Fort Condor Guide
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