Will Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth be on PC?

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Will Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth be on PC?

Square Enix has dropped a demo, but will Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth be on PC?

As fans grit their teeth in anticipation for the release of Rebirth – the second chapter of Cloud and his allies’ destiny – from Square Enix, the developers have finally broken the silence by releasing a demo of the game, satiating the fanbase’s long and enduring wait somewhat. 

The release of this 90 minute long gameplay (approximately) was released exactly on the date that Aerith was born, a coincidence that is obviously intentional and one that leaves more questions in its wake; what’s her role in the grand scheme of things and how is she connected to everything?

But the one question every player is dying to know the answer to is if Rebirth will be available on PC, just like the first installment to the FF7 series and Ever Crisis. And that’s the purpose of this article, to recount everything we know about the possible release dates, if any, of Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth.

Will Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth be on PC?

Will Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth be on PC?
Source: Square Enix

Square Enix has confirmed that the game will be on PS5 at its initial release, and the PS4 has unfortunately been taken out of the equation due to its performance being outdated in contemporary times, especially the lack of an SSD in the system, making load times and overall performance a hassle to deal with in modern games.

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As for PC users, Square Enix has not explicitly mentioned any PC release, but it can be speculated from their previous trends that it will inevitably come in the future. That being said, Rebirth is officially releasing on the PS5 on February 29th. And if speculations are true, the PC version should arrive in the summer of 2024, more specifically, somewhere between May and June.

Anyone that has played the first remake of Final Fantasy VII knows what a great statement it made to single player games in the industry, with its set of characters with invigorating personalities, and a story with a remarkable depth to it that has not yet been explored (at least in the remake), it should be sensible for a team of developers like Square Enix to consistently release the series across all platforms; both from a fanbase and industry perspective. 

What’s new in Rebirth?

With the demo being released at the time of writing this article, players can have a taste of what the new installment will include. Rebirth has the same base for gameplay as its predecessors but adds small nuances here and there to make the overall gameplay smoother and much more streamlined. 

The demo puts you in Nibelheim, a level situated in the middle of the game’s storyline and showcases new features like more maneuverability for the characters, fast switching between each of them and fast-traveling between regions as well. Not to mention, every character now has new abilities and a rehaul has been done to the combat system’s UI, allowing easier accessibility and readability.

Will Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth be on PC?
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