Unicorn Overlord Mordon Quest – Spare or Kill Him?

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Unicorn Overlord Mordon Quest – Spare or Kill Him?

Take a moral leap of faith as we discuss Unicorn Overlord’s Mordon quest line and if you should spare or kill him.

Unicorn Overlord is the newest hit in the genre of strategic RPG games, blending a beautiful artstyle with thoughtful and engaging gameplay. It also features an abundance of characters in the story, many of whom you can recruit to join in your army.

Some of these characters feature their own questline and a story that you need to finish, usually ending with a decision that will change the fate of the person in question. So today, we will be focusing on the quest that revolves around Mordon and discuss which fate you should choose for him. Let’s get to it.

Unicorn Overlord Mordon Quest Line

Unicorn Overlord Mordon Quest - Spare or Kill Him?

The quest concerning Mordon is called The Battle of Barbatimo, and it’s one of the many Liberation Quests that you can take on in Unicorn Overlord. You’ll be able to find the quest shown in the map above, just make sure that your characters are at least above level 5, to make sure you have a comfortable time taking on the quest.

It’s highly advised that you bring along a character that can deal magic damage, like a witch or a wizard, as you’ll need magic to break through the Mantlet defenses. You’ll then run into Mordon himself after you get through the first Mantlet.

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Mordon is the leader who is holding down the city and the one you need to defeat in order to finish the quest. His fight is pretty straightforward but it’s the decision that comes afterwards which is more tough to crack: Should you spare Mordon or execute him?

What Happens If You Kill Mordon?

Making the choice of executing Mordon will grant you 30 Honors. That’s quite a lot of Honors, so if you’re on the lookout for grinding these, killing him is a viable option for you. But do keep in mind that this will lock you out of the chance of being able to interact with Mordon ever again, which should be pretty obvious.

What Happens If You Spare Mordon?

On the other hand, if you decide to rest your blade and let Mordon live, then he will join your Liberation Army. Mordon is a Warrior-class character and will be extremely viable in your battles, being able to take down heavily-armored enemies with ease. Not to mention, he’s also proficient in fixing broken bridges, which is oddly specific but it means he’ll be very helpful when a bridge comes across your path.

Should You Spare or Kill Mordon?

Unicorn Overlord Mordon Quest - Spare or Kill Him?

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Considering the outcomes of both the choices, we highly recommend that you choose to spare Mordon, as he is an extremely good character to have at your side. While having 30 Honors is pretty nice, it’s not as nice as having a new addition to your team, albeit a very strong one that can also fix bridges! All in all, the benefits end up weighing more when you spare Mordon, so let’s give him the benefit of the doubt for the greater good.

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And that concludes our article for Mordon’s quest line and we hope this helps you out if you were stuck in the decision of sparing him or killing him. After you consider the outcomes of both choices, we think the decision is very easy to make, and you’ll have a pretty good addition to your team as a reward,

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Unicorn Overlord Mordon Quest – Spare or Kill Him?
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