Unicorn Overlord Permadeath: How It Works and How to Avoid It

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Unicorn Overlord Permadeath: How It Works and How to Avoid It

Here’s how the Permadeath mechanics in Unicorn Overlord works, along with our tips on how to avoid it.

For hardcore strategy fans, Permadeath is the ultimate proving ground. One wrong move and your carefully built squad could be gone for good – no resets, no reloads, and certainly no second chance! It’s an unforgiving challenge that really puts your tactical skills to the test.

Originally, Permadeath wasn’t even on Unicorn Overlord’s roadmap. But whether it was always planned or a response to fan demand, the devs ultimately delivered this brutally challenging mode for diehard fans of the genre.

Naturally, news of Permadeath being added sent shockwaves through the casual tactical RPG lovers. Having your units permanently wiped out can be pretty harsh when you’re simply playing the game for the story. But rest assured, this feature isn’t as unforgiving as you might think.

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Permadeath feature in Unicorn Overlord, how you can unlock it, and for those brave enough, the best ways to overcome this challenge. Let’s dive in.

Is There Permadeath in Unicorn Overlord?

Unicorn Overlord Permadeath: How It Works and How to Avoid It

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In Unicorn Overlord, you need to unlock Permadeath by first finishing the entire story. After that, you’ll get the option to start a New Game Plus. Selecting the True Zenoiran difficulty in the New Game Plus mode will activate the permadeath mechanic for that playthrough.

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So you don’t have to play the game with Permadeath if you don’t want to. Even in New Game Plus mode, you can simply play on an easier difficulty to skip this feature entirely. However, once you start the game at the True Zenoiran difficulty, you can’t switch back. So, before you start your playthrough, make sure you’re fully prepared for the challenge.

Then again, the Permadeath in this game isn’t nearly as punishing as it was in Tactics Ogre. In Unicorn Overlord, Permadeath only applies when your entire unit is wiped out. Even if a single member from your unit survives, you can bring them back.

However, if your party gets fully wiped out during the battle stage, the Unit Leader will give you a short dialogue, and they will retreat from the battlefield – permanently!

When the Battle Stage ends, the team that got wiped out will be labeled as Retreated. You won’t be able to revive them anymore, which means you need to hire new mercenaries and train them from scratch to replace your old squad.

How to Avoid Unicorn Overlord Permadeath?

Unicorn Overlord Permadeath: How It Works and How to Avoid It

Credit: RPGamer

As we said, Permadeath in Unicorn Overlord isn’t the most unforgiving thing out there. If your unit gets wiped, you can simply load an old save and try again. The game won’t penalize you for it.

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However, if you don’t want to take the easy way out, here are a couple of tips to help your unit survive every battle you fight.

1. Stock up on Revival Orbs and Healing Items

Revival Orbs and healing items are absolutely crucial when you’re playing with the permadeath feature. One wrong move can lead to permanent loss, so make sure you’re fully stocked up.

As long as one unit member survives, you can bring the rest back from the brink of death.

2. Organize Unit Formations

Unicorn Overlord is a highly tactical game. Understanding your unit’s strengths and using the best formation for them is essential if you want to minimize loss. So make sure you set up custom formations that utilize your unit’s abilities efficiently at the Pre-Stage Battles of the game.

3. Always Upgrade Equipment and Armor

When you’re playing in the True Zenoiran difficulty, you really don’t want to go into battle with underpowered equipment. Every battle is important, and you want to make sure your weapons and armor are fully upgraded before you go into a tough fight.

Conquering Unicorn Overlord’s Permadeath difficulty is all about having an ironclad strategy. Preparation is the key here. So make sure your gears are leveled, your formations are rock-solid, and your supplies are fully stocked before you decide to take on this challenge.

Hopefully, our guide can help you survive the True Zenoiran difficulty in Unicorn Overlord. Good luck!

Unicorn Overlord Permadeath: How It Works and How to Avoid It
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