Unicorn Overlord Best Unit Formation

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Unicorn Overlord Best Unit Formation

This article will cover the best unit formation that you can use in Unicorn Overlord.

Looking to scratch that classic old-school, Tactical RPG itch? Well, look no further because Unicorn Overlord promises to transport you back to the golden moments of your childhood. For those who grew up playing games like Tactics Ogre or Final Fantasy Tactics, Unicorn Overlord is the best thing to come out in 2024!

If you haven’t caught on yet, it’s a tactical RPG featuring a grid-based combat system that will test your party management skills, resource harvesting capabilities, and, most importantly, battle strategy. 

One of the biggest challenges that newcomers to the genre will face when playing the title is to figure out the best unit formation for their party. Frankly, that’s half the battle in the game, which means you can’t afford to make any mistakes. And that’s where we step in!

In this article, we’ll give you the deets of some of the best unit formations that you can use in Unicorn Overlord to ensure victory in all your battles. So let’s get started!

Best Unit Formation in Unicorn Overlord

With over 40 different playable characters available to recruit, Unicorn Overlord gives you plenty of flexibility in choosing your party. Experimenting with different characters and how they synergize with each other is the key to victory.


That being said, the early stages of the game might be pretty challenging if you’re just randomly picking different party members without any clear strategy. Well, if you’re having trouble with it, here are a couple of unit formations that we think work great in the game.

Formation 1: Chain Attack

  • Leader: Clive
  • Front Row: Mordon or Kitra
  • Back Row: Clive, Sharon
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This is a straightforward formation that wants to finish fights quickly and decisively. The chain attacks from Knights and Warriors is the perfect way to do that. With Clive as the leader, you will rely heavily on his Assault Lance to deal most of the damage. When you're going up against enemy units with high-evasion, make sure you switch to Unwavering Lance. 

Mordon or Kitra in the front row will make sure you can keep chaining attacks.Their damage through shielded units also make them an asset in this formation.

Finally, for the back row, go with Sharon or any other Cleric type unit. Their healing and debuff cleaning abilities will keep the HP of the Fighters and Warriors in the Front row topped off. Make sure you set Active Heal on Clive so that he can keep using his Assault Lance. Equipping Lyrical Wand will also boost the total AP of your units.

Formation 2: Magic Counter and Assist Unit

  • Leader: Auch
  • Front Row: Josef
  • Back Row: Sharon, Auch

Here’s a unit formation that you’ve probably used in any of the thousands of RPGs you’ve played this generation. This formation uses tanks, healers, and wizards to deliver high damage and also sustain heavily against enemy assaults.

The main DPS in this squad is your Wizard. We recommend going with Auch because of it’s insane nuking abilities, but you can go with anyone you want. Setting Auch as teh unit leader will let you provide Magic Assist to other units when battle starts.

To get the most out of his abilities, equip him with either Chiropteran Staff or Chlorotic. The Staff will give you more initiative, while the Cholortic will add more DPS to your overall unit.

For the frontline you want to go with Josef or any other Paladin to soak up the damage. Josef can also dish out a decent bit of damage when needed, and his healings also come in handy during this team formation.

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Finally, placing Sharon or any other Cleric in the Back Row will give you an extra layer of sustain. You’ll also be able to cleanse debuffs so that your Paladins and Wizards can dish out damage without fear of dying. Lyrical Wand on your Cleric also boosts your AP, increasing the damage output of this unit significantly.

Formation 3: Gryphon Knight Unit

  • Leader: Fran
  • Front Row: Lex or Colm
  • Back Row: Fran, Yahna

Gryphon Knights in Unicorn Overlord can dish out a lot of AoE damage, and this formation is designed to maximize that. With Fran or any other Gryphon Knight at the rear, you’ll be able to reduce enemy aggro on him. 

With a Witch like Yahna, you’ll be able to buff your Gryphon Knight with the Magic Conferral. This allows them to deal magic damage with High Swing significantly boosting its damage output. Besides, Witches are also great at dealing huge single-target damage.

Fighter units like Lex or Colm at the Front Row will boost your unit’s defense. To further enhance your defense against physical ranged hitters this class also gives your unit Arrow Cover and Guarding Fighter.

For sustain, the unit mostly relies on Wing Rest and the Fighter’s First Aid Kit. However, since there’s no Cleric in the unit, you don’t want to get overly aggressive with this formation.

These are just a few of the many highly effective unit formations you can try out in Unicorn Overlord. With so many unique classes and characters to experiment with, the possibilities for creative party builds are endless. 

We always recommend experimenting and figuring things out your way. But if things get tough, you can fall back on the three formations that we showcased to get you out of Dodge. Good luck!

Unicorn Overlord Best Unit Formation
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