Undead Week Dungeon Guide Warcraft Rumble

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Undead Week Dungeon Guide Warcraft Rumble

Check out our guide on the Undead week dungeon in Warcraft Rumble. Master this weeks dungeon to upgrade all your minis and leaders to high level characters.

Welcome to our latest guide on the Undead Dungeon week in Warcraft Rumble. We'll be discussing everything you’re set to expect and the set of challenges you’re about to face. So let’s break down the update, discuss strategies for conquering the dungeon, and provide you with some tips and tricks to help you successfully level up your army.

Undead Week Dungeon Overview

Here are all the challenges you’ll face when attempting to defeat this week’s dungeon.

Challenge 1

Embark on a strategic adventure with undead leaders, carefully selecting talents to enhance your resilience. In the first dungeon level, prioritize chest points to amass resources and gain an early edge. Employ defensive shields strategically to repel enemy attacks, laying a solid foundation for victory.

During the boss fight, exploit ranged advantage by positioning tanks to inflict maximum damage. Balance offense and defense with tactical unit placement, orchestrating a calculated dance of units to achieve optimal damage output. As the dust settles and the first dungeon concludes, reap the rewards of your strategic prowess. This triumphant run sets the stage for future challenges, providing valuable insights for the journey ahead.

Undead Week Dungeon Guide Warcraft Rumble
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Challenge 2

Entering the Second Dungeon is tougher than anything you've encountered so far. Now, the main goal is to get relics and buffs to make your squad stronger and more resilient. To tackle this challenge, we need a smart strategy – we're talking about taking control of chests, managing towers, and placing troops strategically.

At the start, it's all about fighting for those chests, knowing they have the resources we need. Plus, we've got to be smart about where we put our troops to control the towers effectively. Forget about mining gold for now – focus on dominating chests and towers to build a solid defense against the waves of enemies.

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As we move through the dungeon, we show off your tactical skills by using Welp Eggs strategically. These little guys explode at just the right time, causing chaos for the enemy towers. But in the middle of all this, there's a serious enemy we can't ignore – the Troll. They're tough and can really mess up your towers. So, we stay sharp, taking them out strategically to protect your defenses.

Challenge 3

Undead Week Dungeon Guide Warcraft Rumble
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As we step into the Third Dungeon, we face the mighty Mekgineer Thermaplugg, a formidable adversary requiring careful planning. To tackle this challenge, we meticulously choose talents that play to your strengths and equip us to counter Thermaplugg's formidable arsenal.

Right from the start, your attention shifts to breaking light bulbs, setting off powerful bombs that disrupt our enemies. This proactive approach gives us an early advantage, weakening the opposing forces and establishing your dominance on the battlefield.

A key part of our strategy involves smart placement of the Miner, tasked with controlling valuable mines. These resources are crucial, allowing us to accumulate gold and strengthen our position in the ongoing battle through the dungeon's intricate paths.

Navigating the dungeon, your main goal is to protect units from mini-bosses and the relentless swarm of enemy minis. We adopt a defensive stance, prioritizing the survival of your forces to endure the challenges that lie ahead.

Control over bomb spawns becomes a crucial aspect of your defensive strategy, a cornerstone that fortifies your position and thwarts the enemy's advances. Strategically placing and activating these volatile devices allows us to repel the oncoming threats effectively.

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As you face the final boss, your tactics shift once more. Overwhelming the enemy with sheer numbers becomes your primary objective, achieved by spamming the board with units. Every move is a calculated step in the orchestrated dance of war.

With Thermaplugg defeated, we claim our hard-earned rewards, savoring the taste of victory. This triumphant moment prompts us to consider our future progression, reflecting on the lessons learned and strategizing for the challenges that await in the ever-evolving world of Warcraft Rumble.

What Deck To Use

This week you can use some of the game's powerhouses – Baron Rivendare, Bloodmage Thalnos , and Sylvanas Windrunner, to name a few. But the real excitement lies in showcasing a seamless strategy for defeating the undead boss. 

Imagine a deck and lineup that operates like a well-oiled machine, with Baron spearheading the attack, supported by the Skeleton Party, Necromancer, Safe Pilot, Quilboar, Harpies, and Whelp Eggs. This isn't just a lineup; it's a winning strategy that we're eager to dissect for you. Prepare for some epic gameplay moments.


So basically whenever you complete the tunge once with a leader you get an update for the leader. Once you choose matching armies for the leader you choose, all of them will upgrade once when you complete the dungeon. However, if your leader is already at a high level, your army's level will increase to match that of the leader (multiple levels) during dungeon week. 

At the end of the day we recommend not to miss a dungeon as it is a great way to get a boost in upgrading your leaders and army to their highest levels 

Undead Week Dungeon Guide Warcraft Rumble
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