TI12 Prize Pool: Dyrachyo Values Prestige Over Money

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TI12 Prize Pool: Dyrachyo Values Prestige Over Money

Anton “Dyrachyo” Shkredov remains unfazed by a potential decrease in the TI12 prize pool, asserting that the honor of claiming the coveted title outweighs any monetary reward

Anton “Dyrachyo” Shkredov of Gaimin Gladiators emphasizes the significance of The International 2023 in Dota 2. He values the tournament's prestige so highly that he's prepared to compete and win, regardless of the prize money's size.

The Gaimin Gladiators carry spoke to Escorenews.ru ahead of their BetBoom Dacha opener against 9Pandas. When questioned about his feelings regarding the potential decrease in the TI12 prize pool, Dyrachyo was candid. With Valve having canceled the Battle Pass and no replacement system announced thus far, uncertainty looms over the prize money.

Dyracho Discusses TI12 Prize Money and More

TI12 Prize Pool: Dyrachyo Values Prestige Over Money

(DISCLAIMER: The quotes have been translated from Russian. Therefore, while the actual quotes may vary slightly, their intended meaning remains unchanged.)

“To be honest, I would play for crackers and beer, I don’t really care,” the 22-year-old replied. “Give me the Aegis, I’ll drink beer from it! I really don’t care, come what may. Is there any way I can influence this? No. Then why should I think about it?”

Dyrachyo made it abundantly clear that a reduction in the prize money won't dampen his motivation for the tournament.

“The International represents status. When you have that status, money often follows suit. A prime example is when I earned less prize money than Larl (Denis “Larl” Sigitov, who won the Riyadh Masters with Team Spirit) in a single tournament, yet I derived my own gains without any regrets. If given the choice to win only the Riyadh Masters 2023 and forgo all other tournaments this year, then I would leave everything as it is. We clinched victories in all these championships, and I've received what I believe I'm entitled to. I'm content and at ease with where I stand.”

He also highlighted the importance of doing well at BetBoom Dacha and DreamLeague Season 21 ahead of the International 2023.

“I think in our situation we are already considered one of the favorites. The competitors will not expect us to decline and finish in the top 20. I think everyone will prepare for us anyway. It would be wrong for the opponents not to prepare for our team. It will be cool to win DACHA, chill for a bit afterward, and then try hard at DreamLeague S21 and win there. Then you have time before bootcamp. The International will have its own meta, but the team will already be on the rise.”

Dyrachyo also shared how he and his Gaimin Gladiators teammates will prepare for The International 2023.

“There will be a bootcamp in Serbia somewhere before October 8-9. Then we will fly to Seattle via Istanbul. We’ll just play MM and HF with different teams and talk about Dota. In general, as before any tournament, but before TI you devote a little more time to this – more HF, pubs and less of some third-party things.”

TI12 Update: Dota 2 Fans Await September's Surprise

Valve dropped a significant announcement in early June, revealing their decision to retire the annual Battle Pass traditionally tied to The International.

Instead, they're ushering in a thematic update that shifts the spotlight to the event itself, the players, and the thrilling matches. Although the new update doesn't emphasize cosmetic items as prominently, it retains a critical function – directly contributing to the ever-growing International prize pool.

Dota 2 enthusiasts are expecting the release of The International at the end of September, even though the exact date remains a mystery. Dota 2 enthusiasts eagerly await this transformation, which promises to reshape the tournament's dynamics.

The International 2023 is scheduled to take place from October 12 to 29 in Seattle. While the initial prize fund for the tournament hasn't been officially disclosed, in prior championships, it stood at $1.6 million. Speculation is rife that for 2023, this figure may see a substantial increase, potentially reaching $3 million, as per circulating rumors.

Dyrachyo and his teammates, however, will be focused on BetBoom Dycha over the coming days. The competition will take place in Yerevan, Armenia from September 10 to 16 with a $250k prize pool.

TI12 Prize Pool: Dyrachyo Values Prestige Over Money
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