Valve Aims for Late September Rollout of The International 2023 Update

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Valve Aims for Late September Rollout of The International 2023 Update

Valve is planning to launch the International 2023 update in late September alongside probable Battle Pass successor

Dota 2 enthusiasts found themselves in for quite the treat on August 30th, as a substantial update rolled out, promising a range of enhancements and transformations. In a teasing nod to the future, the accompanying blog post hinted at what's on the horizon: The International 2023 update. Dota 2 lovers are excited to see how Valve plans to replace the Battle Pass ahead of the showpiece event. 

“The International is just around the corner, and the final qualified teams will soon be decided. To kick off the celebration ahead of all the action in Seattle, we've got another update in the works tied closely to the event that we'll release in late September. We can hardly wait to cheer on the epic Dota to come,” the post read. 

Dota 2 The International 2023 Update: What to Expect?

It's highly plausible that this update will unveil the replacement for the Battle Pass model. Back in June, the game's developers made a decision not to pursue a Battle Pass for The International 2023. Instead, their attention was directed towards an update intended to amplify the event's significance for players. While this update's contribution to the prize pool remains direct, it's essential to underscore that “new cosmetic items won't be prominently featured.”

What’s New In The Summer Client Update?

Valve's recent release of a new Dota 2 update is sure to put a smile on players' faces, as it brings an array of enhancements and new elements to the game, giving the client a refreshing summer makeover!

View this update as a sort of “clean-up” patch, even if it's arriving at the tail end of summer. Although there are no adjustments to gameplay mechanics or balancing, these updates collaboratively contribute to an improved and more user-friendly Dota 2 experience.

The modifications bring about a redesigned Armory, designed for effortless usability, along with a more effective reporting system and modernized map rendering. Let's dive into the details you need to know:

Armory Update 

The primary change revolves around the Armory. Frankly, this section of the client had long been overlooked, leading to extended scrolling for players attempting to assess their possessions and identify items eligible for sale or trade.

Currently, the Armory has been completely reimagined and made more straightforward. Interacting with cosmetics has become notably more user-friendly, allowing you to seamlessly browse through the complete collection of cosmetics for a hero, regardless of your ownership status.

This feature empowers you to preview potential ensembles and facilitates the creation of truly outstanding designs for your preferred character.

Collector’s Cache 2023 

The annual treasure known as the Collector’s Cache is exclusively offered during the International. In the past, it was frequently associated with Battle Passes, but this time, it's offered as a standalone purchase. It’s up for grabs at the price of $2.49 right now.

Player Behavior 

Among the highlights of the Summer Update, one of the most notable improvements is the revamped matchmaking and player behavior update. This adjustment brings a crucial change: when you “commend” or “dislike” a fellow player, it now carries tangible effects. 

Summer Client Update

Photo Courtesy: Valve


Expressing dislike for a player will help reduce the chances of being matched with them, while a commendation might lead to a rematch. The update also extends to the reporting and feedback processes, contributing to an impressively improved system.

Improved Visuals 

The visual excellence that Dota consistently delivers within the MOBA genre has reached new heights with the recent round of fine-tuning. The enhancements in particle lighting, shadows, and tone mapping have collectively contributed to a heightened visual panorama. This transformation imparts a more lively and artistically refined appearance that pays homage to the game's enduring appeal.

The difference might not immediately catch your eye when you start playing, but taking a look at the comparison images on the update page will highlight the significant improvement. We might see visual improvements taken up a notch in The International 2023 update.


Valve Aims for Late September Rollout of The International 2023 Update
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