TheMongolz Welcome Senzu to Their Roster

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TheMongolz Welcome Senzu to Their Roster

Munkhbold “⁠Senzu⁠” Azbayar has been named as Chinguun “⁠hasteka⁠” Bayarmaa successor at TheMongolz

TheMongolz have unveiled their latest roster addition: Munkhbold “Senzu” Azbayar. This talented 17-year-old player is set to make a significant impact on the team, having spent the past five months on the bench of NKT, honing his skills and preparing for this exciting opportunity.

Senzu is stepping in as a replacement for Chinguun “⁠hasteka⁠” Bayarmaa, who amicably parted ways with the organization on September 4th. This transition opens up a new chapter for TheMongolz as they welcome Senzu to their starting roster, where his exceptional gaming abilities and determination are expected to contribute to the team's success.

Senzu Returns: A Familiar Face Rejoins TheMongolz

TheMongolz Welcome Senzu to Their Roster

The youngster is not entirely a newcomer at TheMongolz, since he was on the books of the organ. This second stint with the Asian powerhouse comes after a notable chapter in his gaming journey. Previously, Senzu had been a crucial part of TheMongolz family from June to October 2022. Now, as he rekindles his association with TheMongolz, Senzu is set to be a pivotal player in the revamped team led by Garidmagnai “bLitz” Byambasuren.

A Shot At Redemption

The rifler’s return to TheMongolz, however, is accompanied by a significant dose of controversy. The young player's previous tenure with NKT was marred by a scandal that garnered widespread attention from the CSGO community. 

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The controversy stemmed from Senzu's actions, where he borrowed valuable in-game skins from his teammates and the NKT management, only to engage in unauthorized gambling activities with these assets. This reckless behavior not only raised serious ethical concerns but also breached the trust and camaraderie that is typically paramount in both physical and virtual sporting organizations. 

Eventually, Senzu chose to come clean and confess to his actions, acknowledging the gravity of his actions within the NKT organization. In response to this revelation, NKT took a decisive step in April, placing him on the transfer list.

This decision had profound repercussions for Senzu's professional gaming career. The Mongolian rifler found himself in an excruciating position, banned from participating in any tournaments under the NKT banner. His competitive aspirations were put on hold, and he spent an agonizing five months relegated to the bench.

The storyline takes an intriguing twist from there, as Senzu's talent and potential were not overlooked for long. TheMongolz, who were already aware of the player’s immense potential, saw an opportunity in him. They made a strategic move by signing Senzu to their roster, demonstrating their faith in his ability to overcome the past and carve out a brighter future in competitive Counter-Strike. 

Now, as Senzu takes on a new role within TheMongolz, this past incident serves as a cautionary tale. TheMongolz, no doubt aware of the past, will be vigilant in ensuring that such issues do not resurface and that Senzu's focus remains firmly on his gaming skills and contributing positively to the team.

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Senzu's addition to the Mongolian squad is a chance for redemption and growth, as he aims to put the past behind him and demonstrate his commitment to his teammates and the organization. Only time will tell if he can overcome this controversial episode and earn back the trust of his fellow players and fans, while also showing that his talents on the virtual battlefield outweigh any off-screen distractions.

TheMongolz Pin Their Hopes on Senzu for A Resurgence

TheMongolz made waves with their impressive performances on the global stage, like their 9-12th place finish at IEM Katowice while competing under the IHC banner.

Recent times have seen TheMongolz struggle to recapture that same level of success. Their trajectory has taken a different turn, marked by a series of challenges and missed opportunities. Notably, they faced disappointment by failing to secure a spot in the CSGO Asia Championships, a tournament that once seemed well within their grasp. Additionally, TheMongolz experienced another setback as they were unable to secure a place in ESL Pro League Season 18.

TheMongolz are placing their hopes on Senzu's arrival, given his impressive 1.03 average rating across 40 maps while playing for NKT. They believe his addition can reignite the team's former success.

TheMongolz Current Roster

This is how TheMongolz lineup currently looks:

  • Garidmagnai “⁠bLitz⁠” Byambasuren
  • Sodbayar “⁠Techno⁠” Munkhbold
  • Usukhbayar “⁠910⁠” Banzragch
  • Ayush “⁠mzinho⁠” Batbold
  • Munkhbold “⁠Senzu⁠” Azbayar
  • Erdenedalai “⁠maaRaa⁠” Bayanbat (coach)


TheMongolz Welcome Senzu to Their Roster
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