The Ultimate Valorant Movement Guide 2024

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The Ultimate Valorant Movement Guide 2024

Having the proper movement in Valorant is extremely important, no matter what you are doing. Thankfully, this ultimate Valorant Movement Guide will show you everything you need to be aware of. 

Being a top-tier Valorant player isn’t easy because this is a very complex game. A lot of people assume they only need to know how to aim, but this is not true. Aiming in Valorant is important, but knowing how to move around the map is as important as aiming. We have been playing the game for years, so it’s time to show you the Ultimate Valorant movement guide in 2024.

But why is movement so important in Valorant? Well, there are several reasons for it, one of which is related to how you are playing. Once you know how to move properly, you will be much harder to kill. On top of that, you can reach certain map locations more effectively.

With that said, the ultimate Valorant movement guide will show you everything you need to know, so let’s begin.

Jumping – You are Doing it Wrong

Like in Counter-Strike 2 and other popular shooters, jumping can be very fun, and there is no arguing about that. This, however, can also be dangerous because every time you jump the wrong way, you make unnecessary noise. People who pay attention to those things will take advantage of the situation and have an edge over you.

Therefore, the first thing we want to discuss in this Valorant movement guide 2024 is how to jump. We’d like to start with the so-called “peak jump” or “silent jump” that is incredibly effective, yet not a lot of people are using it.

To perform this jump, all you have to do is press CTRL and your jump key and release the CTRL key while in the air. Doing this properly will allow you to jump, and scan what’s ahead of you (very useful if you are hiding behind a box). The best thing about all of this is that you will not make any sound when you land.
Counterstrafing is an opton

Whether you learn how to peek in Valorant or how to aim in general, there is a good chance you will come across counter-strafing. This is a very common technique in Counter-Strike 2, where players have to press the opposite movement key to what they’re currently using. Doing this properly makes you a lot harder to kill, and it can be very useful, but you have to be careful. 

Before you start strafing in Valorant, know that this technique works differently than in other games. Some people are using it all the time, whereas others don’t. We have tried both, and we prefer not to counter-strafe that much. However, we know that it’s important, so we had to include it in this Valorant movement guide.

Moving while you are being shot at

As mentioned several times in this guide, aiming and moving in Valorant are two things that go hand in hand. Moving the right way while you are being shot at or while you are shooting can make a huge difference. This is another thing we want to include in this Valorant movement guide 2024.

Ideally, you should have your own shooting style that includes small bursts, tap shooting, and so on.  Regardless of what you focus on, ideally, you have to try and switch your position when doing it.

Once you master this technique, you will be a lot more mobile. Moreover, you can actually “reset” your aim, making you more accurate in the long run. 

Things like strafe-bursting, crouch spraying, and so on, can be very beneficial. It really depends on the situation you are in, but you should remember how to move properly.

The famous “run and gun” technique can also be something that you can use if you are being shot at. Just remember to move left and right as much as possible while doing it because if you move straight, you are an easy target. 


Another important thing we must discuss in the ultimate Valorant movement guide is repositioning. Sadly, we have seen a lot of players who do not have an idea how to reposition and how it all works. For some reason, they keep going to the same places and doing the same things every round, but as you will find out, this does not work.

When talking about repositioning in Valorant, the most important thing is the element of surprise. So, if you are spotted in a given location, try landing a nice headshot, and switch your position after that. There are countless examples of what you can do, but it all depends on the map. The idea is to make your enemies guess where you’ll come from, which will put a lot of pressure.

Speaking of pressure, there are maps and specific combos where you can actually try to do the “all-in mode”. What this means is that you can run down the map and try to secure as much space as possible. This is extremely risky, and you will most likely die, but you will provide your team with tons of information. 

Running vs Walking – Which One To Choose

The last important thing we wish to discuss in the ultimate Valorant movement guide is related to walking vs running. Both types of things have their role in the game, and you need to do both. However, they are slightly different and depend on the situation. 

The reality is that both techniques can work, but it all depends on the situation. When you do not have enough time, you don’t have that many options other than running. However, doing this means you will make noise, so you have to be ready to react. 

Walking, on the other hand, usually gives you an advantage in most situations. However, it also means that you will waste more time, which is a luxury you may not have. 

The Ultimate Valorant Movement Guide 2024
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