The Sentinels Reveal their Valorant Roster

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The Sentinels Reveal their Valorant Roster

The Sentinels announce their Valorant team led by Overwatch 2019 MVP Jay “Sinatraa” Won.

If Valorant is still under closed beta, the game already sets new standards. Gameplay streamings break viewership records. And many professional players are leaving their award-winning teams to join a game not even publicly launched yet. Four of these esports champions joined a new Valorant team: The Sentinels.

The Sentinels are a Los Angeles-based esports organization. They already have professional teams in Fortnite, Apex Legends and Halo. Today, the organization introduces its first Valorant team, featuring legends from other professional gaming scenes.

Overwatch 2019 MVP Jay “sinatraa” Won will be leading The Sentinels

The first player to join The Sentinels is no other than Overwatch 2019 MVP and World Champion Jay “sinatraa” Won. The former star player of San Francisco Shock will be leading the team, hopefuly with the same success he had in the Overwatch League and with Team USA in the Overwatch World Cup.

Jay “Sinatraa” Won holds up his MVP trophy on stage at the Overwatch League in 2019

“The move to Valorant is no doubt a huge step in my career, and I couldn't be more excited about the opportunity,” Won said. “When I saw the team that Sentinels has put together, with so much experience from different esports, I knew that this was the right place to go and I'm excited to be at the front of it. To all my fans who have supported me over the years, the future feels really bright right now and I can't wait to show everyone what we can do.”

Former Apex Legends and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive join The Sentinels

Jared “Zombs” Gitlin, former Apex Legends professional player, is also joining the team. Gitlin already knows The Sentinels, as he played for their Apex Legends team. Last September, Gitlin and The Sentinels won the TwitchCon San Diego showmatch against other major teams like Counter Logic Gaming and Na`Vi.

Jared “Zombs” Gitlin sits in front of the PC during a game of Apex Legends

Former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players Shahzeeb “ShahZaM” Khan and Hunter “SicK” Mims have also signed with The Sentinels. With their team Misfits Gaming, Khan and Mims ended up on the 3rd-4th place of the ESL Pro League Season 6. With these two players, The Sentinels announced four players out of the five available places in the roster.

The former Misfits Gaming roster, including Khan and Mims stnd against the wall at Dreamhack

Drawing from professional players with various backgrounds and experience, The Sentinels is announcing a powerful Valorant roster. Riot Games revealed their plans for the Valorant esport scene earlier this week. The Sentinels is one of the first official professional teams playing on Valorant.


The Sentinels Reveal their Valorant Roster
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