Apex Legends: Team SoloMid Claim Overall Victory at X Games Tournament

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Apex Legends: Team SoloMid Claim Overall Victory at X Games Tournament

Just like the Battle Royale game this Apex Legends tournament at ESPN’s X Games is based on, many teams entered, but only one can be called the winner. That winner for Day 2, the final day of the tournament, is none other than Team SoloMid. Their roster consisted of Jordan “Reps” Wolfe, Mackenzie “Albralelie” Beckwith, and Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen. TSM previously dominated Day 1 of the X Games tournament, and their dominance faced little challenge on Day 2. Coming in second place is Team Reciprocity, consisting of players Eric “Snip3down” Wrona, Sebastian “Mimu” Vesala, and Niko “ZeroNothing” Suominen. Trailing them in third was Sentinels, whose roster was Nathan “Retzi” Telen, Jared “Zombs” Gitlin, and Adam “Senoxe” Lau.

TSM will get the lion’s share of the $150,000 prize pool offered at the tournament. There’s also a bonus called “Apex Predator” which goes to the player who had the most kills in the tournament. However, as of press time for this article, this award has yet to be bestowed.

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X Games Day 2 Takeaways

  • Pathfinder proved to be a valuable character to have on any team today, as many other players picked up on the zipline strategy previously made famous in this tournament by Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller. Monsoon may not have been the first to use the strategy of simply going back and forth on a zipline above the battlefield before dropping down at just the right moment, but he certainly wasn’t the last to exploit Pathfinder’s ultimate in this way here.
  • Sentinels, the third-place finishers, actually placed first in more rounds than winners Team SoloMid. However, in tournaments like this, kills can give teams an edge in points. Crucially, Team SoloMid collectively got more kills than Sentinels, allowing TSM to surpass the Sentinels overall.
  • Fnatic, featuring one-man army Brian “iShiny” McCarthy, placed fourth overall. They went out with a bang as they claimed first place in the very last round, jockeying with TSM for position in the very tiny last ring. Usage of grenades and Wraith’s ability to survive outside the ring with her “Into the Void” ability proved key here.

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