Apex Legends: Team SoloMid Take Day 1 of the X Games Tournament

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Apex Legends: Team SoloMid Take Day 1 of the X Games Tournament

ESTNN's Phillip Miner takes fans through the first day of action at the X Games Apex Legends $150K USD tournament.

Day 1 of the ESPN EXP Invitational, the official Apex Legends tournament of the X Games, has concluded! With it, fans got some scintillating action watching great players made some seriously clutch plays. Here are the standings of the end of Day 1:

X Games Apex Legends Day 1 Standings

X Games Day 1 Takeaways

  • Team SoloMid (TSM), consisting of Jordan “Reps” Wolfe, Mackenzie “Albralelie” Beckwith, and Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, straight up dominated Day 1 of this event. They didn’t always get top placement in every match, but their average round placement of 5th speaks for itself. Their kill count is nothing to sneeze at either, as it was the second-highest of the day compared to 2nd place Tempo Storm.
  • Fans shouldn't underestimate unsigned team Nagano1998, either. They gave the most skilled professional teams a run for their money in multiple games, but their highest placing was 3rd in Game 3 (there were a total of 6 games for Day 1). Still, at their current placing of 8th overall, they could be a potential dark horse.
  • Brian “iShiny” McCarthy of Fnatic was one-man army as he proved in Game 5. In between trying to keep his teammates alive in the Round 7 ring, he fought like a cornered rat as he was pinned in a corner hallway by opposing players. He kept racking up kills, however, as other teams came for him. He then bobbed and weaved in and out of the massive gunfight in the close quarters of the final ring before securing the last kill and the round victory.
Apex Legends ALGS Schedule 2024 — Split 2 Format, Regions, Prizepool

Pathfinder for the Win

  • Bowen “Monsoon” Fuller exploited Pathfinder’s Zipline ultimate to sneak Tempo Storm into their current 2nd place slot after Game 6. As Rogue and TSM battled it out, Monsoon kept jumping off and on the zipline he planted right above the safezone of the final ring. As soon as the dust settled, Monsoon claimed the final kill and the round victory, boosting Tempo Storm into 2nd

Day 2, the final day of this Apex Legends tournament, will take place tomorrow, August 3, at 4 PM EST. Catch the action on ESPN Esports’ official Twitch stream at https://www.twitch.tv/espnesports.

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