The Run Down On Valorant Masters North America

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The Run Down On Valorant Masters North America

North America Valorant is heating up to boil with the first Masters event kicking off this week.

The first set of Challengers events have concluded and eight teams have emerged as the best in North America. Team Envy, Gen.G, XSET, FaZe Clan, Sentinels, Luminosity, Immortals, and 100 Thieves have all made it, some by the skin of their teeth. Masters begins on March 11, at 12 PM PST kicking off with Envy vs. Gen.G followed up by XSET vs. FaZe Clan. The next day, the second set of Upper Quarter Finals matches will kick off at the same time starting with Sentinels vs. Luminosity and ending with Immortals vs. 100 Thieves. Below is a breakdown of how the matches will play out throughout the remainder of Masters.

Saturday, March 13

Losers Bracket Round 1

Sunday, March 14

Winners Bracket Round 2

Friday, March 19

Winners Bracket Round 3

Losers Bracket Round 2

Saturday, March 20

Losers Bracket Round 3

Losers Bracket Finals

Sunday, March 21

Grand Finals

NA Challengers was a rollercoaster

Envy made a clean sweep through Challengers 2, not dropping a single map in the Qualifier round nor the Grand Final against Sentinels. The Sentinels had to make a perilous grind through the Lower Bracket to stay alive in Challengers 2 defeating 100Thieves, XSET, and Immortals. Sentinels and XSET sent FaZe Clan packing in Challengers 2, giving them the role as gatekeepers of Tier 1 NA Valorant.

That stigma was smashed after FaZe Clan ripped through the Upper Bracket of NA Valorant Challengers 3’s Main Event. The only map they dropped was a 13-10 Haven loss to NRG Esports carried heavily by Sam “s0m” Oh’s Omen. 100 Thieves was sent to the Lower Bracket of Challengers 3 by NRG Esports, shocking most fans with how decisive the victory was. They were working with the new addition of Ethan “Ethan” Arnold on Omen, and his performance wasn’t anything to write home about. Rather, the OG squad held it together under pressure and carried the team through the Losers’ Bracket defeating T1, TSM, Gen.G, and Luminosity.

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