The Rise of Third-Party Dota 2 Tournament Hosts

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The Rise of Third-Party Dota 2 Tournament Hosts

For a moment there, 2020 took a proper tumble downhill for the esports community. Yet, adaptability and resilience proved key features of the industry and, as a result, today we can enjoy not only our favorite tournaments but explore many new formats as well.

The truth is, Dota 2 has been one of the clearest recipients of benefits in confusion all throughout the year. So much that has been busy trying to predict the outcome of a motley bunch of Dota 2 tournaments run by the community and, more importantly, a number of third-parties who are finally stepping up to fulfill their role.

No Dota Pro Circuit? That's Not an Issue!

Trusted betting sites had not many esports to list as available markets. Thanks to Dota, though, this is no longer the case. Many third parties have decided to up the ante and really provide enough Dota 2 tournaments to watch and bet on. Well, if you are not sure where to bet, we recommend trying online betting sites reviews.

But anyway, that is not the point. The point is that even without the Dota Pro Circuit (DPC) running and The International postponed to 2020, we still have plenty of excellent tournaments to enjoy this year. That is especially true now that the EPIC League is running at full blast and the qualifiers are proving quite spectacular.

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Yet, the real fun begins on November 12, when the eight shortlisted teams make it into the finals. From there on they will be competing in a higher gear all throughout mid-December and really make for some spectacular Dota.

Dota 2 Never Slowing Down

Dota 2 is one of the best competitive games out there, and it is built on the core principle of being overly-competitive. That is not a bad thing, and apparently, it works quite well if you consider Dota 2 as a whole. The game itself started as a community-driven project.

A simple modification of Warcraft 3, this map/game has become one of the most competed in title out there. If esports are possible today, part of the reason why thanks to Dota as a whole are. As a result, competitions for this title are proliferating in new and exciting ways, making it possible to enjoy quite a few competitions along the way.

Let's not forget that The International was the first event that came with the eye-popping seven-figure prize pool. Players and community fans were incredulous. After all, that is A LOT of money to commit to a video game. Back then, when the announcement came, many people thought – that's it, esports is here.

Many were skeptical – they argued that the $1 million in prize pool would be unsustainable for any company to keep in the long term. Were they wrong? They most certainly were. Today, that is 2020, you can see The International breaking the $40 million prize pool and things are only going to get better for esports and Dota 2.

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