The Most Popular Dota 2 Heores in WEU and EEU’s Division I DPC 2023 Winter Tour

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The Most Popular Dota 2 Heores in WEU and EEU’s Division I DPC 2023 Winter Tour

We take a look at which heroes were the most popular picks in WEU and EEU's Division I DPC 2023 Winter Tour.

Division I of the DPC is over in almost all regions, which means we know the names of the teams that will attend The Lima Major 2023. The first big tournament of 2023 will take place in a few weeks from now, so expect to learn more about it here on in the upcoming weeks.

With that said, there is no arguing that Western Europe and Easter Europe are among the most competitive and exciting regions to watch. The best teams have been outstanding in the last couple of years, and they often dictate the meta. 

While talking about metas, let’s look at some of the most famous heroes in each region and learn more about them. Instead of focusing on the most successful, the article will go over the names that were picked the most.

Western Europe

The teams in Western Europe used almost all heroes in Dota 2 (only 8 names weren’t picked even once), which is impressive, to say the least. Of course, this doesn’t mean that all heroes were equally picked. For example, Shadow Fiend and Underlord may have a 100% win rate, but they only appeared in one game. 

Fortunately, there were many other heroes that had the chance to shine much more, so let’s go through them.


The first name on the list is Rubick, and he was the most popular pick in Western Europe’s Division I. Usually, the first and the second most popular picks are close, but in this case, Rubick appeared in almost 2x more matches (42 in total) than Treant, who is 2nd on the list.

We’ve already discussed why Rubick is really good in the current meta, so we won’t go into more detail again. That said, it is important to remember that the hero provides tons of utility and offers teams the chance to win every fight. He also has a solid laning stage and can be an excellent option for ganking. 

Treant Protector

Treant Protector increase the health regeneration rate of Phantom Lancer using Living Armor

Although he isn’t as popular or as strong as Rubick, Treant is also a solid option in the current meta. The hero is one of the best when it comes down to the laning stage, and he is also a solid option for initiating a team fight. 

Another thing that made Treant such a popular pick (28 times in total) in Western Europe is his ability to heal allies and towers. Some Dota 2 players overlook it, but this can help and save certain heroes from death.


The number 3 hero in the Dota 2 2023 DPC Western Europe top picks list is Tusk, with 24 appearances. He is an interesting hero that can work really well as a position 4 because of his ganking capabilities. That said, some of the top-tier players also use the hero in the offlane because this allows him to farm faster and do even more damage.

Speaking of damage, Tusk’s Snowball is one of the things that makes him really dangerous. Players who know how to use him can save their allies from certain abilities, which is always a plus. 

Nature’s Prophet

Nature's Prophet teleports to help his allies in battle

The last hero in Western Europe that we’d like to include on the list is Nature’s Prophet. He is one of the top-tier carries/midders in the current meta, and we see him time and time again. In addition to his strong laning stage, Furion is also an excellent ganker and a hero that can easily disrupt every lineup. 

With 22 appearances, we expect to see him a lot in the upcoming Major. However, this might not be the case if Valve decides to release the much-awaited update that will include massive changes to the current meta.

Eastern Europe

Even though the meta in the 2023 Eastern Europe Division I DPC is similar to the one in Western Europe, there are some differences. Some heroes, such as Rubick, Tusk, and Treant, were also very popular here, but we won’t include them on the list because they’re already present. Instead, we will focus on those that weren’t that big in WEU.

Death Prophet

Death Prophey uses Exorcism to haunt enemies

Unsurprisingly, Death Prophet was the most popular hero in EEU’s Division I. With 28 picks, she shares this spot with Rubick, which is also the go-to support in this region.

What’s interesting about Death Prophet is that she’s always had a role in this Dota 2 region. Even though she was the go-to midlaner for several years, nowadays, most teams here use her in the offlane. She can lane well against most opponents, and her ultimate allows her to push towers fast.

Another intriguing fact about Death Prophet is the hero’s win rating. Even though she appeared in more than 28 matches, she has around a 61% win rate, which is pretty impressive.


Another interesting hero that wasn’t that bit in Western Europe but appeared a lot more here is Tiny. Albeit his low win rage, the hero has established himself in the professional meta for some time now. We’ve seen him in pretty much all positions, but most teams use him in the position 4/carry/mid role.

Following the matches in Division I, Tiny had the chance to play in 26 matches. However, his win rage is only 41%, which is significantly lower than the other popular heroes. Who knows, we may not see him that often in the future.


Speaking of position 4 heroes in the 2023 EEU DPC Division I, we have to mention Clockwerk. This hero gained some popularity in the last couple of months, which is why we see him more often than before. When it comes down to Division I, Clock appeared in 25 games and has almost 70% win rage, which is really impressive.

Even though Clock is almost always the team’s support, he can also be an excellent offlaner, at least in some situations. It all comes down to the specific team’s combo and the hero’s role in the game.

The Most Popular Dota 2 Heores in WEU and EEU’s Division I DPC 2023 Winter Tour
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