Dota 2: Why are Rubick and Treant Protector so Good in the Current Meta?

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Dota 2: Why are Rubick and Treant Protector so Good in the Current Meta?

Rubic and Treant Protector are dominating the Dota 2 meta right now, we talk about why.

Tour 1 of Division I in 2023 is slowly coming to an end. We have one more week full of action, after which we will be able to watch the Division II teams in action. Some teams already secured themselves a slot for the first Major but will have to wait one more week to see what will happen with the rest.

Speaking of waiting, an important thing to remember is that the new Dota 2 patch should become available really soon. The current meta is interesting, but it has been around for several months now. Needless to say, people are interested in trying something new, so we wouldn’t be surprised if Valve offers it before the first Major.

The current meta favors a couple of heroes, such as Lina, who became the strongest carry. However, several supports are out of this world, and Rubick and Treant Protector are among them. These two are the go-to options for many teams in places such as Eastern and Western Europe, and for a good reason.

But what makes them so good, and why do people want to put them to the test? Well, we’re about to learn more.

Rubick and Treant Protector are amazing laners 

One of the first reasons why both heroes are so popular in the current meta is because of their lane presence. Rubick is one of the heroes that can play against pretty much any aggressive lineup. His long-range nuke and ability to stun make him a dangerous opponent and a perfect teammate for certain caries. As you can imagine, the Lina and Rubick setup is extremely dangerous because both heroes have disables and nukes that can deal tons of damage. 

Besides being a good laner, Rubick is one of the best position 4s in the game when it comes down to ganks. Although he is less strong than Tusk, he can easily gank the mid-lane and even the offlane when needed. 

Treant Protector, on the other hand, is not a hero that you pick to gank other lanes. Although this is a possibility, he is one of the best lane supports in Dota 2. Albeit not a range hero, he does insane base damage with his attacks and can harass even the worst offlaners in the game.

Of course, when talking about Treant Protector in the current Dota 2 meta, we must remember that he can heal players and towers. People often overlook this, but it can have a massive impact on the game, especially versus certain lineups. No wonder Treant is one of the best position 5 players in almost every Dota 2 region right now.

Rubick’s ultimate is game-changing

In addition to everything we’ve mentioned about Rubick, we also have to address something really important about the hero – his ultimate. You don’t need to be an expert in Dota 2 to notice that his ultimate is game-changing. Every good Rubick player can make a huge difference during team fights, especially against heroes.

The fact that Rubick is so popular right now is one of the reasons why heroes like Enigma are not picked anymore. His ability to steal ultimates makes him incredibly dangerous and unpredictable. Unsurprisingly, every top Dota 2 team has at least one incredible Rubick player, so teams must be careful.

Treant’s ultimate

Even though Rubick’s ability to steal other heroes’ spells is impressive, Treant Protector’s most powerful ability can also decide the course of a team fight. Unsurprisingly, players often underestimate it, which allows Treant and his team to win.

The main reason why this ult is so good in the later stages of the game is that it traps enemies inside it and doesn’t allow them to move. The damage output is not bad either, but it is definitely not the main reason why it is so good. Once Treant traps his enemies inside it, his core heroes can position themselves in a way that will allow them to do the most out of the situation.

There have been many cases where Treant’s ult is the reason why teams win fights. This is especially true for Western Europe, where almost all top teams use the hero in their arsenal.

Alternative roles for both Heroes

Even though Rubick and Treant Protector are almost always a given team’s supports, there are cases where the heroes can fill in other roles. Starting with Rubick, some of the old-school Dota 2 players might remember the days when Dendi played him in the mid-lane.  Truth be told, he is a solid midder, but only in certain situations and against some heroes.

As for Treant, we almost always see the hero in the safe lane as support, but there have been cases where people tried offlaning with him. However, when it comes down to PUB games,  you can even find him as a position 1 with items like Mask of Madness. Unsurprisingly, this is not the best option for this hero because he needs to scale as well as others.

Overview of the stats

If we take a look at the current 2023 DPC stats, we can see that Rubick is leading the chart in almost every region. Starting with South America and North America, you can also find the hero among the top in China, SEA, and Eastern Europe. However, it is on another level in Western Europe, where he also has the highest win rating in the game.

In terms of Treant Protector, the hero is also quite big, but he is noticeably less popular than Rubick. However, we expect this to change in the upcoming days because we have one more week full of action before Tour 1 Division I ends.

Dota 2: Why are Rubick and Treant Protector so Good in the Current Meta?
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