The International 2023 Schedule and Format Announced

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The International 2023 Schedule and Format Announced

Valve has announced the International 2023 schedule and format 

Attention, Dota 2 fans! Valve has just revealed the schedule and format of the much-anticipated The International 2023, which is set to take place in Seattle, USA from October 12 to October 29, 2023. Twenty teams will begin the quest for glory until the last two remain for the final showdown at the Climate Pledge Arena on October 29. 

The International 2023 Schedule

The International 2023 Schedule and Format Announced

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This year's event schedule brings a notable change to the table, focusing on maximizing the live experience. Every game of the twenty-team tournament will unfold over three weekends, starting from Friday and continuing through Sunday. Mark your calendars for the Group Stage on October 12-15, Playoffs on October 20-22, and The Finals on October 27-29.

The International 2023 Format 

“The International” this year, features a unique dual-phase format. “The Road To The International” features the Group Stage and Playoffs, igniting the fierce rivalry among the top 20 Dota teams until only eight remain. The climactic finale awaits in “The International,” as these final eight teams vie for the honor of claiming the Aegis of Champions.

Group Stages

In the previous Group Stage format of “The International,” two groups of ten teams played Round Robin over four days, leading to many games feeling insignificant. To address this, a new format has been introduced, consisting of four groups of five teams playing for two days, with the bottom team in each group eliminated.

Each team now plays only four games instead of nine, making every match crucial for their final standings. The second half of the Group Stage comprises head-to-head matches among the remaining 16 teams, determining their entry into the Playoffs' Upper Bracket, adding more intensity and significance to each game.


The action-packed Playoffs begin on Friday, October 20th, at the Seattle Convention Center's Summit. Eight elite teams will fiercely compete for the coveted four Upper Bracket slots in The International. Over the weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, elimination matches will determine the fortunate four teams advancing to TI's Lower Bracket. This year's thrilling twist is that all matches will be contested in a best-of-three format, raising the stakes and creating a captivating experience for fans and players alike.

The International 

The thrilling conclusion of The International takes place at Climate Pledge Arena from October 27th to 29th, where the final eight teams battle for glory. Exciting showdowns await on Friday and Saturday, with four best-of-three matches daily. The tension escalates on Sunday, featuring the pivotal Lower Bracket Finals, leading to the ultimate test in the best-of-five Grand Finals, unveiling the world's finest team.

The International 2023 Schedule and Format Announced
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