Reports: TI12 Initial Prize Pool Set To Nearly Double TI11’s Offering

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Reports: TI12 Initial Prize Pool Set To Nearly Double TI11’s Offering

According to multiple sources, the primary prize pool for TI12 could be almost twice as high as that of TI11

Based on unofficial reports from diverse sources, The International 2023 is rumored to have a starting prize pool of $3 million, nearly double the previous amount of $1.6 million. reporter Arseniy Kuzminsky recently shared on Twitter that he has been hearing discussions among multiple casters, suggesting that Valve is prepared to significantly boost the initial prize pool for this year's edition of The International 12 (TI12).

Former star Yaroslav Vladimirovich “NS” Kuznetsov, who is currently a famous caster, also made a similar claim on Telegram. 

“I'm talking about a small insider. Although, maybe this is an open information. I do not know. Let's assume I just made it up. This TI will have a base prize pool of $3 million, which is more than any other.”

How Is The International Prize Pool Determined?

Apart from the initial offering, the International prize pool increases as a percentage of total in-game purchases within a specific period gets added to the purse. TI11’s prize pool capped at $19 million, which was a significant drop from TI10’s $40 million. 

The awe-inspiring prize pools of The International tournaments have become a hallmark feature, thanks to Valve's crowdfunding system implemented in 2013. An astounding 25 percent of the total prize pool for TI3 was derived from the sales of the TI3 Compendium.

Throughout TI3 to TI10, the highly acclaimed Dota 2 tournament experienced a continuous rise in its overall prize pool year after year. This trend came to an end, nonetheless, with Valve's decision to alter the battle pass schedule for TI11.

In previous years, battle passes for The International were frequently launched months in advance, typically around May to June. For TI11, however, the battle pass was released just one month ahead of the group stage, resulting in a shorter timeframe for the prize pool to accumulate compared to previous iterations.

Valve introduced a revised battle pass format for TI11, breaking it down into two parts. The first part, notably, occurring between September 1 and November 2 last year, was the designated period during which 25 percent of all purchases made from the battle pass and level bundles contributed towards the prize pool of TI11. Part 2 launched in November 2022, but it did not affect the TI11 prize pool. 

What Is The Estimated Prize Pool For The International 2023/The International 12?

In a recent development, Valve shared a crucial announcement, revealing their intention to abandon the skin-centric battle pass system. The company's focus will now be directed towards enhancing the game experience rather than emphasizing cosmetics. The cancellation of battle passes could shrink the overall prize pool for TI12 substantially. 

Valve is yet to finalize the revenue sharing model for TI12 prize pool. We are only three months away from the showpiece event at Seattle. Assuming an announcement will be made in a month or two, we can anticipate a total prize pool of $12-$15 million, which will be even lower than last year’s prize pool. 

Reports: TI12 Initial Prize Pool Set To Nearly Double TI11’s Offering
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