The Finals: All Classes and Abilities Explained

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The Finals: All Classes and Abilities Explained

Here are all three classes and abilities in The Finals that you should know while trying out the FPS

The Finals’ official release is here, and players are already investing hours into making their perfect builds. There are three classes in this FPS, all equipped with unique abilities and weapons. In this guide, we will briefly talk about each class and their abilities in the game. Let’s get started –

The Finals Classes and Abilities: Light Build

Health: 150

Abilities: Grappling Hook, Evasive Dash, Cloaking Device

The Light class is excellent for close-range combats with SMGs and melees or for sniping from distances. This class is the fastest and smallest out of the three but has the least amount of health. Along with being fast, this build can also allow players to have dashes or stealth abilities, making them exceptional for sudden attacks and sneaking into areas. Here are all the skills explained:

Grappling Hook

This is the default unlocked ability of the Light class, allowing you to launch a rope equipped with a grappling hook to move around the map. You can use this hook to reach the top of buildings or escape messy situations.

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Evasive Dash

This ability lets you dash short distances. It’s best used to get out of unfavorable fights and take vaults to cash out.

Cloaking Device

The Cloaking Device makes you totally invisible when you are standing still. However, moving with this ability makes you slightly visible but still very hard to see.

The Finals Classes and Abilities: Medium Build

Health: 250

Abilities: Healing Beam, Guardian Turret, Recon Senses

The Medium class employs a delicate balance between the Light and Heavy builds, providing agility and medium-range combat efficiency. This class acts more like a supporter for the team, assisting with its healing and other abilities. These are the three abilities of the Medium class –

Healing Beam

Healing Beam heals your teammate through a beam in close range. It heals pretty fast, but you cannot use your weapon or other abilities while healing. This is the default ability that comes with the Medium class.

Guardian Turret

The Guardian Turret can be placed on the ground or on any wall. It shoots any enemy player that comes in its line of sight.

Recon Senses

This ability, when deployed, can reveal enemy players through walls for a short period.

The Finals Classes and Abilities: Heavy Build

Health: 325

Abilities: Charge ‘n’ Slam, Goo Gun, Mash Shield

With 325 HP, the Heavy class can take a lot of hits, making it suitable for defending areas. This class is also excellent for demolishing zones and buildings, making way for teammates to go through. Heavy types have the largest hitbox, making them easier to shoot.

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Charge ‘n’ Slam

Allows you to charge with speed to demolish walls and other obstacles and also deal damage to enemy players.

Goo Gun

The Goo Gun can shoot goo on an area to build fortifications and block areas. It can also be used to reach elevation.

Mash Shield

Equipping the Mash Shields puts you in a third-person perspective, and the shield itself blocks enemy fire. You cannot use your weapon or other gadgets while having the shield active.

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The Finals: All Classes and Abilities Explained
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