Creating Your Ultimate Medium Build In The Finals

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Creating Your Ultimate Medium Build In The Finals

If light builds aren't your forte, then check out our ultimate Medium Build in The Finals. The weapons, Specializations, and Gadgets here should give you some more balanced firepower in lobbies

In The Finals, Players can crash through walls and ceilings, destroy anything and everything in sight, and build bridges and barricades. This adds a new layer of strategy and dynamism to the gameplay. It also creates some truly memorable moments as players use the environment to their advantage to create ambushes, escape from danger, or simply mess with their opponents.

Players can choose from three different classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each class has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. The Light Build is fast and agile, and the Heavy Build is slow and clumsy, but it can take a lot of damage. The Medium class is a good all-rounder, offering a balance of speed, durability, and firepower.

Ultimate Medium Build In The Finals

Here is our ideal medium build to use in the game.

Weapon Of Choice

The Medium class is a versatile and adaptable class in The Finals. It is a good choice for players who want to be able to fill a variety of roles on the team, from supporting their allies to taking down enemies.

The AKM is the best primary weapon for the Medium class because it is a well-rounded assault rifle that is effective at both mid-range and close-range combat. It has a high rate of fire and good damage output, making it a powerful weapon against both Light and Heavy class players.

In addition to its versatility and damage output, the AKM is also relatively easy to control, even when firing in full auto. This makes it a good choice for players of all skill levels.

Utilize the AKM's high rate of fire advantageously by pre-firing corners and chokepoints, granting an upper hand in gunfights. Starting firing before your opponents can react gives you a crucial edge in combat situations.

At medium and long ranges, employ burst firing with the AKM to enhance accuracy. Managing the weapon in bursts aids in controlling its recoil, ensuring a higher number of shots hit the mark.

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Leverage the AKM's recoil pattern by slightly pulling down on the mouse during full auto fire. This technique assists in maintaining accuracy and keeping the weapon on target, especially when firing rapidly.

Alternatives to Consider

While the AKM is the best overall weapon for the Medium class, there are a few other options that you can also consider:

  • M4A1: The M4A1 is another good all-rounder assault rifle. It has a slightly lower rate of fire than the AKM, but it is more accurate and easier to control.
  • MP5: The MP5 is a submachine gun that is ideal for close-quarters combat. It has a very high rate of fire and good damage output at close range.
  • SKS-76: The SKS-76 is a semi-automatic sniper rifle that is ideal for mid-range and long-range combat. It has high damage output and good accuracy, but it has a slow rate of fire and a small magazine size.

Best Gadgets For Medium Builds In The Finals

Here’s our list of the best gadgets to add to your medium build.


The Defibrillator stands as an indispensable gadget for any Medium build in The Finals, enabling swift and easy revival of fallen teammates, a crucial advantage in winning both gunfights and team engagements.

It revives teammates instantly, crucial in time-sensitive situations, avoiding the extended team wipe timer and ensuring the team remains competitive, especially in critical late-game moments.

Effective use involves clear communication with teammates, ensuring safety in the revival process by waiting for a secure area and utilizing cover for protection against enemy fire. Overall, the Defibrillator proves versatile and potent in helping teams secure victories in combat and matches.

Jump Pad

Another beneficial gadget for Medium builds is the Jump Pad. It enables access to elevated locations, aiding in flanking adversaries or evading danger. It allows players to surprise enemies, gain an advantageous edge in gunfights, and serve as a means of escape from pursuing adversaries.

Effectively use it by placing the Jump Pad in covered locations, assessing surroundings before leaping, and employing it for tactical flanking maneuvers, offering a potent strategy in winning engagements.

Gas Mines

Gas Mines are employed for trapping adversaries, obstructing passages, and inflicting gradual damage. These mines confine enemies, making them easier targets while effectively blocking off areas, ideal for defensive strategies or creating safe pathways.

Additionally, the mines deal damage over time, effective for finishing downed opponents or impeding escaping enemies, offering versatile and strategic utility in combat scenarios for Medium builds.

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Best Specializations For Medium Builds In The Finals

In addition to your weapon and gadget, complete the build with a specialization from the one below.

Healing Beam

The Healing Beam stands out as the optimal Medium class Specialization in The Finals, as highlighted in the earlier response. However, when utilizing the Healing Beam, several additional considerations are key, along with exploring alternative Specializations that players might find beneficial.

Using it to pre-heal teammates before they enter combat significantly elevates their advantage in gunfights. Additionally, using the beam to replenish teammates' health after they've sustained damage helps prevent them from succumbing to stray bullets..

Moreover, the Healing Beam serves a critical role in reviving downed teammates, especially crucial in the late game, where each player's presence holds immense significance. These tips underpin the strategic versatility of the Healing Beam, ensuring its optimal usage throughout different phases of gameplay.

Alternative Specializations

  • Guardian Turret: Offering a deployable turret that automatically targets and fires at enemies within its range, the Guardian Turret proves useful for both defending a position and providing covering fire for teammates, serving as a reliable defensive tool.
  • Recon Senses: Equipping Recon Senses grants the ability to visualize enemies through walls, a valuable skill for spotting adversaries attempting to flank your team or for locating hidden enemies, enhancing overall situational awareness and proactive engagement.
  • Grappling Hook: The Grappling Hook provides the advantage of quickly accessing elevated areas or spanning gaps. This capability is beneficial for both flanking opponents and swiftly escaping from imminent danger, offering enhanced mobility and strategic maneuvering.

So, Are You Ready To Dominate The Lobbies?

That concludes our list of the ultimate Medium build in The Finals. The Medium class is a versatile and adaptable class that can fill a variety of roles on the team, from supporting allies to taking down enemies. By choosing the right weapons, gadgets, and Specialization, you can create a Medium class that is tailored to your playstyle and the needs of your team.

Ultimately, the best way to build a Medium class in The Finals is to experiment with different weapons, gadgets, and Specializations to find what works best for you and your team. There is no right or wrong answer, so don't be afraid to try new things and see what works.

Creating Your Ultimate Medium Build In The Finals
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