Creating Your Ultimate Light Build In The Finals

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Creating Your Ultimate Light Build In The Finals

Looking for your ultimate Light build in The Finals? Here’s our recommended weapon, Specialization, and Gadgets to get the most out of the smaller, more nimble build in The Finals

The Finals offers players an early taste of its distinctive game mode through its Open Beta. Among the trio of body archetypes available in Beyond, its novel game mode centered on cash collection and banking for victory, The Finals presents an array of Contestant builds and Equipment essential for players to use in order to excel.

The game features a roster of three Contestant builds—Light, Medium, and Heavy—each requiring mastery for optimum performance in the competitive arena. Players must strategically navigate and understand the unique attributes of each build to thrive in the game's dynamic landscape.

Your Ultimate Light Build In The Finals

Here is our guide to creating the perfect light build for your gaming session.

Ideal Weapon

When it comes to the ideal weapon for Light builds in The Finals, the M11 falls easily in one of our top ten best weapons in the game. This SMG brings substantial firepower, particularly when engaging in close combat situations. While it may not boast the most potent damage output or extensive range, it compensates with manageable recoil and a generously sized magazine, offering sustained fire.

Its primary limitation revolves around its range. However, by capitalizing on its strengths and getting up close to opponents before unleashing its rounds, mastering the M11 becomes an achievable feat. The key lies in understanding and exploiting its potential in close quarters, enabling players to truly recognize and utilize its inherent strengths.

Here are a few attachments you can equip with it:

Suppressor: The Suppressor reduces the sound of your gunfire, making it more difficult for enemies to locate you. This is important for Light builds, as they often need to flank enemies or get behind enemy lines in order to be effective.

Extended Magazine: The Extended Magazine increases the magazine size of your M11, allowing you to fire more bullets without reloading. This is important for Light builds, as they need to be able to sustain fire in close-quarters combat.

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Creating Your Ultimate Light Build In the Finals

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Foregrip: The Foregrip reduces the recoil of your M11, making it even easier to control. This is important for Light builds, as they need to be able to move quickly and accurately in close-quarters combat.

You can also consider adding other weapons intended for this build. However, expect much higher recoil than the M11. They are the MP5, P90, or the V9S.

Ultimate Gadgets For Light Builds In The Finals

The three gadgets you listed are some of the best for Light builds in The Finals, and I'll expand on each one in more detail below:

Breaching Charge

The Breaching Charge has multiple applications. It is especially advantageous for Light builds as they are great for their mobile and aggressive playstyle. This gadget facilitates quick and effortless navigation across the map, aligning perfectly with the requirements of Light builds.

Its primary function involves creating alternative pathways through walls and ceilings, a tactic valuable for various purposes such as flanking adversaries, evading threats, or rapidly reaching objectives. For instance, when aiming to secure a Cashout, using the Breaching Charge enables the creation of a new route, bypassing the main entrance and offering a tactical advantage.

In scenarios where you're pushing against an enemy position, employing the Breaching Charge to obliterate their defensive structures like sandbags or barricades exposes them, creating a strategic advantage in combat. It has the ability to significantly weaken their defenses, providing Light builds with a clearer path to gain the upper hand in the fight.

Pyro Grenade

The Pyro Grenade, a versatile gadget, offers a range of functionalities, proving particularly advantageous for Light builds due to its ability to clear areas, impede enemy paths, and cause damage to adversaries.

Its primary function involves area clearance, which is ideal for pushing against enemy positions. By deploying a Pyro Grenade, it effectively flushes out hidden enemies while causing fire damage within its vicinity, providing a tactical advantage in weakening or eliminating opponents.

It can be used to create a barrier tool. Whether escaping danger or aiming to secure an objective, tossing a Pyro Grenade behind can create a fiery blockade, obstructing enemy pursuit. This strategic move offers a crucial time for escaping threats or achieving set objectives.

Smoke Grenade

The Smoke Grenade emerges as a powerful asset for Light builds, capitalizing on its ability to obscure enemies' vision and create opportunities for stealth maneuvers.

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One of its primary uses is for evasion. When being pursued by adversaries, tossing a Smoke Grenade creates a dense cloud, hindering their visibility and allowing a swift, unseen escape from danger.

Additionally, it serves as a tool for surprise assaults. Employing the Smoke Grenade when attempting to flank or launch a surprise attack from behind confuses enemies by obstructing their view. This tactical obscurity enables close proximity without detection, setting the stage for an unexpected strike.

You have the option of carrying other equipment, too, such as the Grappling Hook, Evasive Dash, or Stim Shot.

Best Light Class Specializations In The Finals

The Cloaking Device is a standout choice for Light builds in The Finals due to its unique functionality, offering a brief period of invisibility. This attribute showcases incredible versatility in various gameplay scenarios.

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Firstly, it provides a strategic advantage by enabling players to flank opponents, catching them off-guard with attacks from unexpected angles. This surprise tactic can be a game-changer in altering the course of a battle.

Secondly, in critical situations where evasion is crucial, the device facilitates a swift getaway, particularly in confined or hazardous spaces where avoiding enemy detection can be quite challenging.

Moreover, the Cloaking Device serves as a tactical tool for initiating surprise attacks, allowing players to approach adversaries undetected and launch unexpected strikes, creating a significant advantage in combat scenarios.

Furthermore, it acts as a life-saving tool during intense combat, offering players the chance to briefly vanish, providing a moment to heal and re-engage in the battle, thereby renewing their opportunities for success.

Other specializations to consider could be the Healing Beam, Armor Repair, or Active Camouflage.

Strategize & Conquer Those Lobbies

Use your Cloaking Device to flank enemies or escape from danger. Use your Breaching Charge and Pyro Grenade to create openings in enemy lines and block off enemy paths. Use your Smoke Grenade to obscure the vision of enemies. Finally, use your M11 to quickly and efficiently take down enemies.

The overall strategy for using this build is to use your mobility and lethality to your advantage. Well, there you have it. That was our recommended Weapon, Gadgets, and Specialization to make the ultimate Light build in The Finals.

Creating Your Ultimate Light Build In The Finals
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