Best Weapons in The Finals- Top 10 Weapons Tier List

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Best Weapons in The Finals- Top 10 Weapons Tier List

Here are the top 10 best weapons in The Finals. Each weapon has a trick up its sleeve, so pick wisely before confirming your build with this/our Weapon Guide

The Finals is a first-person shooter, developed and published by Nexon subsidiary Embark Studios. The game focuses on team-based matches on environmentally-destructible maps, where players are encouraged to use the dynamic environment to their advantage.

This is a competitive game where players compete to win fame and fortune. The game is set in a variety of different arenas, each with its own unique challenges. Players must work together as a team to complete objectives and eliminate their opponents. The game is fast-paced and action-packed, and it offers a variety of different ways to play.

What Are The Weapons Classes In The Finals?

In The Finals Open Beta, there are 20 diverse weapons up for grabs, from lethal SMGs to savage melee choices. Notably, not all weapons are immediately accessible. Some require unlocking with 600 VRs, earned by playing the game.

The weapons are aligned with the game's three character Builds or classes: Light, Medium, and Heavy. Each class is associated with specific sets of weapons, making your choice of class crucial for the arsenal at your disposal.

Top 10 Best Weapons In The Finals For Easy Wins

Here are the best weapons in each class that will give you a competitive edge in racking up those kills in The Finals


The CL-40 is a versatile weapon in more ways than one. Beyond its capacity to obliterate enemies with its grenades, it also excels in the destruction of buildings. Whether you're in the heat of an intense skirmish or strategically planning an assault, this pump-action launcher is your go-to solution.

Imagine storming an enemy camp fortified at an objective. With the CL-40, you hold the power to create an entrance wherever you desire. This powerful weapon unlocks for 600 VRs and is a game-changer for the medium class.

Best Weapons in The Finals- Top 10 Weapons Tier List

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It's not just a tool for taking down foes; it's a game-altering addition to your arsenal, allowing for strategic and versatile gameplay.


image003 11

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The FCAR is a beefier alternative to the AKM, offering a higher damage-to-bullet ratio. This is easily one of the best weapons in The Finals However, this advantage is balanced by increased recoil when firing. Equipped with a holo sight, it's excellent for hitting distant targets.

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Be mindful – using full-auto mode can quickly become hard to handle. To get your hands on this AR, you'll need to spend 600 VRs, and it's accessible for the medium class.


image004 10

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This is easily one of the best weapons in THE FINALS in the Light Build class. The V9S pistol stands out as a hidden gem. Although it appears as a basic sidearm, don't underestimate it. With impressive damage, a rapid fire rate, and a comfortable effective range for close to mid encounters, it's a reliable choice.

Its versatility is its strength, especially when you're constantly adjusting the distance between yourself and enemy players. In close quarters, you can unleash a rapid-fire barrage for a quick elimination, akin to a submachine gun. But at a distance, you can opt for slower, more precise shots, effectively turning it into an assault rifle for dealing damage.


image005 7

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For the Heavy Build, most weapons cater to close-range combat, although the LMGs are passable. However, the SA1216 semi-automatic shotgun stands out as a more manageable and reliable choice.

This isn't your typical shotgun. It's a unique four-barrel shotgun, packing 16 shells in the mag. You can unleash four shots in full-auto, then swiftly switch to the next barrel for another four rounds. Keep repeating this process until the mag's empty and your opponent is, well, not in the best shape. You can claim yours for 600 VRs.


image006 2

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The AKM is one of the first weapons you'll have access to. It's a reliable all-purpose automatic rifle, offering decent range and damage. Its recoil can be a bit unpredictable but with practice, it is easily manageable. The AKM shines in mid-range combat.

At close quarters, submachine guns or melee weapons can overpower you, while in longer-range confrontations, tap-firing becomes essential. Just hope your opponents don't have a sniper to strike back with.

Mastering the AKM's handling can be a game-changer in finding that perfect combat distance. Keep practicing, and you'll conquer those mid-range fights in no time.


image007Photo Credit: TheFinalsFandom

The M11 is an excellent choice for close-range skirmishes, especially when playing as a Light class. With the fastest fire rate in the game, it's practically a beam for targets up close. When pitted against the XP-54 submachine gun, the M11 is the undeniable champion in close-quarter combat, mainly due to its lightning speed.

However, being a Light Build means you're quite vulnerable. It's not advisable to charge head-on to take down any opponent you see. Playing cautiously is key. Try to flank the enemy players strategically to maximize the potential of this powerful weapon.

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Model 1887

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Another lethal option for close-range battles is the Model 1887, available for unlock at 600 VRs. This lever-action pellet shotgun boasts a tight spread, ensuring substantial damage upon hitting a body shot. This shotgun can be a game-changer in tight spaces and intense combat scenarios. So, wield it wisely and dominate those close-range encounters!


image009 4

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The SR-84 is the sole sniper currently available in the game, tailored for a Light Build, perfect for players who enjoy picking off enemies from a distance. Its consistent damage and impressive range typically take about three body shots to down a Medium class opponent.

As a classic bolt-action sniper rifle, the SR-84 packs a punch, offering incredible damage and almost hitscan-like bullet velocity. While it might require a few rounds to eliminate a heavy-class opponent, a single headshot can take down a light player. What's more, its lack of idle aiming sway makes camping at the objective a breeze.

R .357

image010Photo Credit: TheFinalsFandom

The R .357 revolver is a must-have if you're confident in your aiming skills. Accessible right from the start in the Medium Build, it's one of the top picks in my book.

Nail your shots, and the R .357 consistently triumphs in gunfights, requiring only three hits to take down a Medium Build opponent, even outmatching rifles like the AKM. Its impressive range sets it apart from other weapons available to the Medium Build, essentially making it a portable SR-84 without a scope.


image011 2Photo Credit: TheFinalsFandom

The Sledgehammer, in The Finals, is a truly devastating melee weapon. If you're a Heavy player who thrives on up-close combat, the Sledgehammer is your weapon of choice. While it may lack the range and agility of other options, its immense damage output means it can obliterate an opponent in mere seconds if they venture too close.

Additionally, the Sledgehammer offers a strategic advantage by allowing you to rapidly dismantle walls and obstacles, effectively reshaping the battlefield to align with your tactics. We highly recommend that all Heavy Contestants have the Sledgehammer in their arsenal, even if it's just kept in reserve.

So Which Build Do You Want To Choose?

That concludes our list of the best weapons in The Final FPS. This game has a lot of potential, although still in its beta stages. Choosing any of these weapons as your primary will easily give you the competitive edge you need to rule the lobbies you choose to join!

Best Weapons in The Finals- Top 10 Weapons Tier List
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