THE FINALS Tips and Tricks

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THE FINALS Tips and Tricks

Here are our THE FINALS Tips and Tricks to get you up the ranks.

THE FINALS is the latest to join the esteemed club of extremely sweaty shooters who demand everything from you. And if it wasn't for the usage of AI for its commentary and player barks it might already be in the running for an all-timer and the game isn't even out yet.

Nonetheless, there is a lot to dig into that took us upwards of 10 hours to learn. So don't make our mistakes and learn how to reach the finals.

THE FINALS Tips and Tricks

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Learn and Bring the Right Tools

Despite being rather surface-level at first glance the tools in THE FINALS got depth. Just like and maybe more so than something like Counter-Strike group composition and the selection of tools at your disposal matter. Being able to heal up your tanky heavy while holding down an objective or having options on your approach to one makes all the difference.

In the first few hours of playing, we picked and stuck to grenades and pyros to deal damage because we got Counter-Strike on the brain. It was only after those hours that we learned the true value of a breaching charge, turrets, and a portable zipline.

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Coordinate Loadouts

Communication is key but you already know that. Coordinating your loadouts however, is a different story entirely. Picking gadgets that complement each other rather than something suiting your playstyle is very important.

Keep in mind that you'll always have to hold vaults for an extended period. You want gadgets that go well together offensively and defensively. It does sound fairly obvious now but being able to plop down half a fortress mid-battle will never go out of style.

Use your environment

You can destroy pretty much everything in THE FINALS and it takes as little as a well-placed breaching charge, grenade, or a few gunshots to do so. Being aware of this will hopefully unlock your 6th sense and bring upon you a revelation that you don't have to run up that flight of stairs and get shredded by machinegun fire.

Quite the opposite! You'll find containers with poison, smoke, explosives, and goo which can be used to create impromptu walls. Be aware of those at all times because you never know when they might turn a situation around. Also, keep an eye on those boxes hanging from the sky, you never know when you'll need them.

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Play in Tournaments

If you're wondering why you aren't progressing as fast as you feel you should, it might be due to the fact you're only playing quick matches. These are great for warmups but the tournaments are where the real meat of THE FINALS lies.

Not only do you earn loads more EXP for your battle pass, but you'll also earn more of the currency that'll unlock your new gadgets, abilities, and weapons. It is the way it's meant to be played after all.

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Bring a Team or Communicate

A very obvious one but after playing in groups with randoms for a few hours, we made the painful realization that this just wouldn't cut it anymore. Having a team with remote synergy and decent communication will make a big difference.

Tag the objectives you're going to, tag enemies, and more importantly stick together. If you roam the map your chances are high that you're gonna get shredded to bits by a few guys with SMGs.

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Know your Weapon + Ability Combinations

The balance between weapons in THE FINALS is a little weird during the beta. Some weapons only really make sense in combination with certain abilities. After all who's gonna give up on their guns for the sake of a sword?

Hopefully, this balance will get addressed at some point but for now, you only need to play it smart. The shotgun and cloaking device for the light classes is good, the turret and gasmines are a cool combination and we haven't played heavy enough yet to give you a good build, but we're certain you're smart enough to come up with something mean and sadistic.

For more on THE FINALS check out our impressions of the Beta here and for anything else gaming and esports hit us up at ESTNN

THE FINALS Tips and Tricks
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