Creating Your Ultimate Heavy Build In The Finals

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Creating Your Ultimate Heavy Build In The Finals

The Heavy Build is the ultimate definition of going in guns blazing. Learn how to create the ultimate heavy build in the Finals to be an absolute juggernaut in the lobbies

The Heavy archetype in The Finals stands out as the slowest yet most resilient body type, excelling in sheer destruction. This class is tailored for demolitions and suppressive tactics, bombarding opponents with thunderous machine gun fire and intimidating grenade barrages, embodying a formidable force on the battlefield.

In The Finals, each class boasts unique playstyle specializations that align with the chosen equipment for a match. While there isn't a singular “best” Heavy build, certain load-outs shine in specific situations. Here are examples of optimized Heavy class builds designed for distinct roles and scenarios. This is the strongest in comparison to Light Builds and Medium Builds.

Best Weapon For Your Ultimate Heavy Build In The Finals

Here is our ideal heavy build to use in the game


Creating Your Ultimate Heavy Build In The Finals

Photo Credit: The FinalsFandom

The M60 stands as a robust, fully automatic machine gun ideally suited for Heavy builds within The Finals. With its high rate of fire, substantial magazine capacity, and relatively commendable accuracy for its class, it fulfills the role of a versatile, go-to weapon for Heavy-class players.

Designed to be an all-rounder, machine guns are pivotal in the Heavy's arsenal, delivering high magazine capacity and substantial damage per shot, facilitating the elimination of multiple enemy contestants within a single encounter, contingent upon the machine gunner's precision.

This weapon offers a multitude of advantages tailored to Heavy builds. Its high rate of fire enables efficient takedowns of multiple adversaries simultaneously or proficiently suppresses enemy fire. The large magazine size ensures prolonged firing without frequent reloads, sustaining consistent pressure against adversaries during firefights.

Additionally, its commendable accuracy allows engagement with foes across various distances, presenting versatility for confronting enemies within both mid-range and long-range scenarios. Maximizing the effectiveness of the M60 involves strategic use of its attributes.

Pre-firing corners and chokepoints capitalize on its high rate of fire, providing an advantage in gunfights by initiating firing before adversaries can react. Utilizing burst firing at medium and long ranges enhances shot precision by managing the weapon's recoil. Leveraging the large magazine size aids in simultaneously suppressing enemy fire and engaging multiple opponents, contributing to strategic advantage. However, given the Heavy class's slower movement speed, exercising cautious maneuvers becomes pivotal to avoid vulnerability in open areas.

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You can improve the M60 in The Finals with these attachments:

Muzzle: Consider the Socom Eliminator or Suppressor.

Barrel: Opt for the 22.8 Task Force.

Body: Utilize the Swat 5MW Laser Sight.

Underbarrel: Equip the Field Agent Grip.

Stock: Utilize the Tactical Stock for enhanced performance.

Alternatives to Consider

Here are some alternative weapons to use for the heavy build in The Finals.


SA1216 The Finals

Photo Credit: The Game Crater

The SA1216 is a semi-automatic shotgun that is known for its high fire rate and large magazine size. It is a very effective weapon at close range, but its damage output drops off quickly at longer ranges.

The SA1216 is a good choice for Heavy builds because it allows them to quickly clear rooms and buildings and to defend objectives at close range. It is also a good choice for flankers, as it allows them to quickly take down enemies before they have a chance to react.

M32 GL

The M32 GL is a six-shot grenade launcher that fires a variety of different grenades, including high-explosive grenades, fragmentation grenades, and smoke grenades. It is a very powerful weapon, but it has a slow reload speed and a limited range.

The M32 GL is a good choice for Heavy builds because it allows them to spam grenades at enemy positions, making it difficult for enemies to push forward. It is also a good choice for defending objectives, as it allows players to clear out areas without exposing themselves to enemy fire.

Best Gadgets For Your Ultimate Heavy Build In The Finals

Here’s our list of the best gadgets to add to your heavy build.


When it comes to selecting the best Gadgets for the Heavy build in The Finals, the RPG-7 stands out as an indispensable tool. This versatile weapon excels in demolishing parts of buildings and inflicting substantial damage on clusters of adversaries. Nevertheless, exercising caution is crucial, as uncoordinated use can inadvertently harm teammates, emphasizing the need for clear communication among squad members to mitigate unintended casualties.


Barricade: The Barricade emerges as a top choice for defensive strategies, providing a shield to safeguard both oneself and teammates in moments of vulnerability.

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Dome Shield: The Dome Shield presents an equally valuable option, catering to various preferences and proving ideal for shielding and reviving comrades engaged in objective-oriented tasks.

C4: The inclusion of C4 adds a dynamic element to the Heavy build. Strategically placed and detonated, the C4 proves immensely effective in creating significant damage when opportune moments arise. Its potential for explosive impact becomes a vital asset in enhancing the strategic arsenal of the Heavy build.

Best Specializations For Heavy Builds In The Finals

In addition to your weapon and gadget, complete the build with a specialization from the one below.

Mesh Shield

The Mesh Shield is a deployable shield that covers only the front, making it ideal for navigating open gaps and securing hard points. However, it requires careful positioning for effective usage within contested areas, as enemies can flank you from the sides or behind.


Here are a few alternatives to consider.

Charge ‘N' Slam

The Charge ‘N' Slam specialization is a powerful tool for Heavy builds in The Finals. It allows players to quickly charge through walls and deal damage to enemies in their path. This can be very useful for escaping from danger, flanking enemies, or initiating gunfights.

To use the Charge ‘N' Slam specialization effectively, players should first identify an opportunity to use it. This could be when they are caught in the open and need to escape, or when they see an enemy team grouped together and want to flank them. Once they have identified an opportunity, players should activate the specialization and charge through the wall in the desired direction.


The Flamethrower is a devastating weapon in close combat, capable of forcing enemies out of confined spaces. It is also very effective for defending objectives, but its short effective range limits its versatility.

Goo Gun

Photo Credit: The Finals Fandom Wiki

The Goo Gun is a unique gadget that can be used to obstruct sight lines and facilitate Flamethrower efficiency. However, it is important to use it with caution, as ignited Goo creates dangerous fire barriers that can affect all players, including allies.

Get Your Game On With The Strongest Firepower

And that concludes our list of the ultimate heavy build in The Finals. We included our top pick, but you may find your own personal builds more suitable for your playstyle. This is the strongest yet slowest build in the game, but it packs a mighty punch!

Creating Your Ultimate Heavy Build In The Finals
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