The All New Rocket League Transformers Bundle. A Fresh New Look For Your Garage.

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The All New Rocket League Transformers Bundle. A Fresh New Look For Your Garage.

The brand-new Rocket League Transformers Bundle is now available.

The Transformers bundle will be available from June 14-27 and will bring a new way to celebrate your victories in the post-game spotlight. After you win a game you will get a random animation of the car transforming to robot mode and will dance in style. If you are the MVP while using this car you will get a rare animation. Show off in style with the Robot dance, or maybe flex your muscles and celebrate those important victories.

What is in the new Rocket League Transformer Bundle

In the new bundle, you will receive:

  • Bumblebee Car
  • Bumblebee Engine Audio
  • Bumblebee Wheels
  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion
  • Blueprint Bumblebee Player Banner
  • Two Transformers-themed Player Titles

This Transformers bundle will cost 2500 Credits. Unfortunately, the car is only available in its yellow paint job and you can't put the car audio or wheels on any other vehicle in your garage.

The Bumblebee car will use the Dominus hitbox which is one of the more favoured hitboxes, especially for freestyles. Maybe we will see this car used more in freestyle clips.

Rocket League Transformers Items

Alongside the bundle, there will also be two other purchasable items to add to your Transformers-themed collection.

  • Optimus Prime Goal Explosion (800 Credits)
  • Transformers Player Anthem (300 Credits)

This pack is a great way to spruce up your garage whether you are a new player or a collector this pack is something you wouldn't want to miss out on. As with most packs, there is a chance this may never be released again so grab it while you can.