RLCS World Championship 2023: Team Vitality Take Home Gold

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RLCS World Championship 2023: Team Vitality Take Home Gold

RLCS World Championship 2023 brings an end to the 2022-23 season.

Team Vitality win the 2023 World Championship after a successful run of 5 Major trophies in a row since zen (who is only 16) joined the team at the start of the Spring Series. This team has defied the odds and has made RLCS history by not only taking the European brackets by storm but also the rest of the world too.

In the Grand Final Team Vitality faced Team BDS who are considered one of the best teams and are also in the European brackets. Team Vitality swept the Grand Final winning 4-0 which shows just how strong this team has become in recent months. Not only is this team built like a brick wall at the back. They also have some of the most jaw-dropping offensive plays to ever grace Rocket League.

Team Vitality RLCS

Team Vitality's RLCS World Championship Journey

After securing a spot in the World Championship by earning maximum points in the Spring Series this got them to sit at 2nd in the European points table. This meant they skipped the Wildcard Swiss bracket and headed straight to the group stages where they faced Moist Esports.

After beating Moist Esports 4-0 and Spacestation Gaming 4-1 in the group stages they moved on to the Quarterfinals. In the Quarterfinals they faced Team Falcons who came second in the Swiss stages. They beat Team Falcons 4-2 and moved on to the Semifinals.

In the Semifinals they faced Karmine Corp. Another team who have been very dominant this year. Karmine Corp are ranked 1st in the European points brackets after earning 226 RLCS points this season. This didn't phase zen's Team Vitality as they turned up and beat them 4-2 to advance to the Grand Final.

In the Grand Final Team Vitality got off to a strong start by winning the first game 3 goals to 0. This clearly knocked Team BDS' confidence and they went and lost the second game of the series as well without scoring a single goal. In game three Team BDS looked very strong and managed to take the game to overtime but zen wasn't having it and scored to take it to 3-0 in the series.

In the last game of the series, Team Vitality won 2-0 to a discombobulated Team BDS and ran away with the new RLCS World Championship trophy and $600k.

RLCS World Championship 2023 Final Results

  1. Team Vitality – $600,000
  2. Team BDS – $400,000
  3. Team Liquid – $200,000
  4. Karmine Corp – $200,000

World Championship Offensive MVP

  • Spacestation Gaming – LJ

World Championship Defensive MVP

  • Karmine Corp – Vatira

World Championship  MVP

  • Team Vitality – zen



RLCS World Championship 2023: Team Vitality Take Home Gold
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