OpTic Gaming Has Left Rocket League Esports

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OpTic Gaming Has Left Rocket League Esports

After a disappointing and short foray into Rocket League Esports, OpTic Gaming has opted to leave the scene.

Having decided to leave Rocket League Esports, OpTic Gaming has released its roster consisting of head coach RawGreg and players AYYJAYY, Retals, and MaJicBear. 

OpTic Gaming Rocket League Never Took Off

While their track records show that AJ, Retals, and MaJicBear are all very talented Rocket League players, as a trio representing the Green Wall, they never really got off the ground. 

Every member of OpTic Gaming has had much better tournament results before joining OpTic Gaming. As the Rocket League Green Wall, there has been a recurring theme for the last two seasons: strong performances in qualifiers and disappointing results on the grand stages. 

After last year's disappointing 13-16th finish at the RLCS 2021-2022 World Championship, OpTic Gaming failed to qualify this year. Their final performance as a team was at the Gamers8 2023 Showmatches. While they pulled off some solid victories against Gaimin Gladiators and Ground Zero Gaming, they would end up with a 13th-16th place finish overall after an 0-3 shutout by RLCS 2022-2023 World Champions, Team Vitality. 

The Futures of AJ, Retals, and MaJicBear

The news of OpTic Gaming's departure from Rocket League was a surprise not only to us but to OpTic's players as well. Retals stated on stream yesterday he hopes to retire as an OpTic Gaming player, only to receive a DM from AyyJay on stream, presumably informing him of the team's disbandment. 

Retals and MaJicBear have confirmed their intentions of staying together. AyyJayy has confirmed on stream that the chances of the three staying together as a team next season are pretty much zero. 

All three still have tons of potential as Rocket League players and will surely add much excitement to an already interesting Rocket League Rostermania. 

OpTic Gaming Has Left Rocket League Esports
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