All Rocket League Ranks in Order – 8 Tense MMR Ranks

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All Rocket League Ranks in Order – 8 Tense MMR Ranks

What are Rocket League MMR Ranks? These are all of the Rocket League Ranks in order and how the competitive side of the game works.

Rocket League is a fun game that originally shot to prominence for its chaotic and fun online atmosphere. That doesn’t mean playing Rocket League can’t be serious business though. Between the Rocket League ranks system and the many RL esports events for the game, there’s a high skill level. This is a title where the top competitors regularly compete against each other for prizes. How can you get involved? It starts with gaining your way up the Rocket League ranking system.

Like any other online game, Rocket League has a separate Ranked form of play. The system as a whole is set up fairly similarly to the Fortnite Ranked mode in places. Both being from Epic, the game’s ranked mode serves as an entry to competitive play. If you want to test your skills at rocket-powered football out, then the Rocket League ranks mode is the best place to do that.

Rocket League neatly organizes players into some easy-to-understand ranked categories. Just like other games though, there’s a public ranking system and Rocket League MMR which gives you a more exact reading on where you stand compared to other players. If you want to jump into this game mode, find your Rocket League MMR ranks, or just climb up the divisions, this is what you’ll need to know about this side of the game.

Rocket League Ranked

All Rocket League Ranks in Order

Rocket League can be played simply for fun, but if you actually want to test your skills it might be worth jumping into Ranked mode. Competitive is a different side to Rocket League, one where you can actually test your strength against other drivers. You only have to look at the series’ substantial Rocket League esports following to know how far you can take it. Looking at the Rocket League ranks in order there’s a lot of room for growth.

Over the years, the Rocket League ranks system has evolved in places. The game has gotten more complex and the rank tiers have been altered over time to better represent the skill of players. There’s the raw rank the game gives you and the MMR rating that determines how you move around in matches. In essence, it’s about winning or losing games, but other factors affect the Rocket League ranking system too.

This is how they all work and how you climb up through them to become a better player.

All Rocket League Ranks in Order

All Rocket League Ranks in Order

To start in the Rocket League ranked mode, you’ll need to understand the different tiers. These are sections where players are grouped into depending on their performance. There are the base levels where you’ll find other players just starting out. Further up, you’ll find more organized teams with impressive skills to show off. You might not run into RLGS-level players, but the higher ranks get really difficult. These are all of the Rocket League MMR ranks.

  • Unranked
  • Bronze
    • Bronze I
    • Bronze II
    • Bronze III
  • Silver
    • Silver I
    • Silver II
    • Silver III
  • Gold
    • Gold I
    • Gold II
    • Gold III
  • Platinum
    • Platinum I
    • Platinum II
    • Platinum III
  • Diamond
    • Diamond I
    • Diamond II
    • Diamond III
  • Champion
    • Champion I
    • Champion II
    • Champion III
  • Grand Champion
    • Grand Champion I
    • Grand Champion II
    • Grand Champion III
  • Supersonic Legend

These are the titles where you’ll be placed in the Rocket League ranking system. However, each of these has subcategories. Each of those sub-divisions exists as a separate zone for your Rocket League Rank. There are different amounts of these divisions depending on where in the rankings you end up. However, progress should be quick enough with only three divisions in each section.

Rocket League Ranked Season Rewards

The ranks in Rocket League Competitive aren’t just for vanity. You’ll get exclusive rewards for climbing up the various tiers of Rocket League MMR ranks. This is another place where Epic has both Rocket League and Fortnite esports giving the same options. You’ll be able to unlock specific rewards for Grand Champion and Supersonic Legend, depending on where you reach.

All Rocket League Ranks in Order

Rocket League MMR Ranks

Your MMR in Rocket League is another factor in determining your rank. How do you know which rank you’re going to be in? The MMR is a better representation of your exact skill. It changes regularly depending on your performance. Do well, win a round, and you’ll gain MMR. Lose a game and you’ll lose some. It’s a more accurate representation since it goes into more depth than just the rank boundaries. However, it’s the MMR which decides where in the Rocket League ranks in order you are.

MMR is hidden for quite a few players. A public value will be displayed eventually though. You need to get up to the higher end of ranks before you’ll be able to see your exact MMR rating. However, players have their own ways of seeing MMR. For the most part though, it seems sensible to ignore MMR specifically until you’re higher up. Your rating will shift quite dramatically in the lower end of the Rocket League ranking system.

Your Rocket League MMR Ranks will change depending on your performance, but also the circumstances of each game. If you’re facing a tough opponent, you’ll gain more MMR than you lose. Losing to someone who you should blow away will cost you more too. Each game will have a different impact, so keep that in mind.

Can You See Your MMR in Rocket League Ranking System?

That’s how ranks work in the game, but can you actually access your Rocket League MMR? In the game itself, it is hidden until a particular rank. This is fairly standard practice and it might prevent players from obsessing over tiny fluctuations.

If you want to obsess over the tiny fluctuations though, you can actually see it before the game reveals it. There’s a mod for the game which reveals your MMR and some stat look-up searches that can do it too. However, you eventually get access to it through the game itself. So these tools aren’t really needed anymore.

What’s the Rank Distribution of Rocket League?

There are quite a few different Rocket League ranks, but how representative are they of skill? We really need to look at the Rocket League rank distribution. We’ll need to see how many players are in each rank. It does change from time to time, just given the performance of players. The biggest sections in Rocket League ranks in order are by far Gold, Platinum, and Diamond.

These ranks have up to 15% of the player base in them at any one time. The middle of the Rocket League MMR ranks are by far the most populated. The lower ranks and the higher ranks both get as exclusive as under 1% of players! If you make it out of these middle tiers, you’ve got something to brag about in the Rocket League ranked mode

All Rocket League Ranks in Order – 8 Tense MMR Ranks
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