“I’ve Always Rated Them as a Strong Team” – stax on Facing EG on Masters Tokyo

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“I’ve Always Rated Them as a Strong Team” – stax on Facing EG on Masters Tokyo

The in-game leader for DRX is excited to face the North Americans on their next Masters Tokyo series

On the second matchup of Masters Tokyo’s first day, DRX looked strong as expected against Attacking Soul Esports, even with Qu “Life” Donghao showing signs of excellence from the Chinese roster. The Best of 3 concluded with a convincing 2-0 victory for the South Koreans, and in a post-match interview, the team’s IGL Kim “stax” Gu-taek talked about getting surprised by ASE and facing Evil Geniuses in their next match, among other things.

When asked about the counter-strategies prepared by Attacking Souls Esports, stax mentioned seeing a different composition from the Chinese squad, saying, “We scrimmed them a lot, and I think their playstyle didn’t really change, but they definitely switched up their comps.”

Will Zest Play in Future Mathes?

DRX had the newcomer Jung “Foxy9” Jae-sung play in both of the maps in their first series, and the Duelist found a place on the bottom of the scoreboard with a 0.90 rating. Kim “Zest” Gi-seok was missing from this match.

Facing a question about whether we will see Zest play in future matches, the captain of the team had a cryptic answer, stating, “Maybe sometime, I don’t know.” 

The squad had been switching spots between Zest and Foxy9 in VCT Pacific. 

DRX IGL Kim "stax" Gu-taek

Credit: Riot Games

DRX vs Evil Geniuses

After winning their series, DRX will now be facing Evil Geniuses tomorrow to secure a spot in the Playoffs. The North American squad looked powerful in the opening match of Masters Tokyo, winning the series 2-0, facing FUT Esports. 

Stax showed excitement to face EG in their next – “I've Always Rated Them as a Strong Team, so it would be an honor to take them on, and I’m excited for that.” 

The DRX vs EG match will be the first-ever encounter between these two squads, which the South Koreans are highly favored to win.


“I’ve Always Rated Them as a Strong Team” – stax on Facing EG on Masters Tokyo
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