Soulcas Departs Team Liquid: The End of an Era

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Soulcas Departs Team Liquid: The End of an Era

Soulcas bids farewell to Team Liquid after a remarkable three-year journey in the Valorant world, and joins free agency in search of new opportunities

In the ever-evolving world of competitive esports, squad line-ups are constantly in flux. Players come and go, and teams adapt to the shifting landscape to maintain their competitive edge. Recently, Valorant community received news that one of Team Liquid's long-standing players, Dom ‘Soulcas' Sulcas has bid farewell to the organization after an impressive three-year journey. This departure marks the end of an era in the Valorant world, as we reflect on his significant contributions to the esports team and the broader esports community.

Soulcas's Journey with Team Liquid Roster

Soulcas Departs Team Liquid: The End of an Era

In April 2020, Dom Sulcas joined the precursor to Team Liquid, which at the time was making waves in amateur and invitational tournaments throughout Europe under the moniker fish123. Their official union with Liquid came about in August of that year. While the latter part of their 2020 campaign didn't see them clinching any major titles, it served as the foundation for their transformation into a top-tier team.

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Over the subsequent three years, the esports organization made their presence felt in nearly every international Valorant Champions Tour (VCT) LAN event, with only two exceptions. There were some challenging periods in 2021 and 2022 that resulted in the team missing out on Masters Berlin and Masters Copenhagen. Nevertheless, it was during these times that Sulcas stepped up as a pivotal figure for the team. He flexibly adapted his playstyle to align with the team's evolving requirements, transitioning from a criticized player to one of the squad's most reliable assets.

With his departure, fans and the community speculates that Liquid will have difficulty finding a proper replacement to this esports athelete, implying the unsteady crack in their Valorant competitive performance. Now that Sulcas is a free agent, its certain that prominent teams active in the competitive scene will be sure to pick up him to bolster their squad.

Beyond his impressive in-game accomplishments, Sulcas also made a significant impact within the Team Liquid organization. His professionalism, dedication, and teamwork served as a positive influence on his teammates, fostering a collaborative spirit that contributed to the team's overall success.

What the Future Holds

Soulcas's departure from Team Liquid does not signify the end of his esports journey. As a talented and experienced Valorant player, he remains a highly sought-after talent in the competitive scene. Fans and fellow players are eager to see where his career takes him next, and there is no doubt that his skills will continue to shine in whatever endeavor he chooses.

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With his departure, the esports organization faces the challenge of reconfiguring their Valorant squad. The organization will undoubtedly conduct thorough evaluations and select a suitable replacement to maintain their competitive edge. The Valorant community eagerly awaits news about the future composition of Liquid's roster.


Sulcas's departure from Liquid marks the end of a remarkable chapter in the organization's history. His contributions to the team's success and his enduring legacy within the Valorant community will be remembered by fans and fellow players alike. As he embarks on a new chapter in his esports career, the world watches with anticipation, eager to see where his undeniable talent and passion for Valorant will lead him next.

Soulcas Departs Team Liquid: The End of an Era
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