Team Liquid Takes Down FNATIC to Win 2023 VCT EMEA League Championship

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Team Liquid Takes Down FNATIC to Win 2023 VCT EMEA League Championship

The Snow Horses have just done the unthinkable

Following a fiercely competitive BO5, Team Liquid have prevailed over FNATIC, seizing the crown of the inaugural VCT EMEA League.

FNATIC, undefeated for over seven months, had an aura of invincibility throughout the league stage and playoffs bracket. Team Liquid faced a monumental challenge. It was hard enough to get a map off of their grand final opponent, let alone win the series. Also, losing both the previous encounters against the LOCK//IN Champs this season, the Liquid squad went into the grand finale as massive underdogs. However, with the pressure and stakes at an all-time high, they showcased outstanding Valorant, ascending to the throne of EMEA as the triumphant rulers.

The match started on FNATIC's chosen map of Lotus, unfolding as anticipated. Boaster and Co blitzed to an 8-4 lead at halftime. While Team Liquid had a significantly better attacking half, FNATIC ultimately closed the map thanks to Alfajer's rock-solid site defense and impressive shutdowns.

Team Liquid Win 2023 VCT EMEA League Championship

Credit: Riot Games

From the beginning of the 2nd map (Ascent), Team Liquid seemed in control. The star duo Jammpi and Sayf put on a clinic giving their team a 12-5 lead. However, the tides began to shift as FNATIC won an impressive seven consecutive rounds to push the match into overtime. Just when it appeared that the no.1 team in the world was all set for a remarkable comeback, Team Liquid demonstrated nerves of steel, securing the map victory with consecutive clutch rounds in OT.

Riding onto that momentum, Redgar’s team refused to grant their opponents a moment to regroup on the third map, Haven. Soulcas, who has had a sub-par season so far, popped off during this map, putting on an initiator masterclass. With this 13-6 win, Team Liquid found themselves within an inch of the championship crown.

We have not seen FNATIC play Fracture for the entirety of the VCT 2023 season. Coupled with Team Liquid's impressive 80% win rate on this map, the stage seemed perfectly set for Liquid to clinch the series. nAts and Co had the ideal start, securing an 8-4 half on their defensive side. However, mirroring the overarching narrative of the entire BO5, FNATIC staged a remarkable comeback, seizing the lead in the second half. Once again, the young Finnish prodigy, Jamppi, emerged as the savior for Team Liquid. The 22-year-old had six key frags in the last 3 rounds to help his team win the map and the series.

With this resounding victory, Team Liquid will go to Japan as the first seed from the EMEA region. By triumphing over FNATIC, the previously unrivaled best of the Valorant world, Liquid have solidified their status as one of the top favorites in the upcoming Masters event in Tokyo.

Team Liquid Takes Down FNATIC to Win 2023 VCT EMEA League Championship
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