Snip3down Teases Switch to Apex Amid Halo Infinite Frustrations

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Snip3down Teases Switch to Apex Amid Halo Infinite Frustrations

Snip3down could return to Apex Legends and leave Halo Infinite behind.

Competitive Halo legend Eric “Snip3down” Wrona made a challenging decision following the release of Halo Infinite last year. A previously established professional Apex Legends player for TSM FTX–Snip3down cultivated a successful career in the popular Battle Royale title. He stepped away from the competitive Halo scene in 2019 and thrived in Apex Legends. Despite the success, Snip3down’s heart always belonged to the Halo series, which he used to become one of the most decorated esports players in history.

Unfortunately, according to Snip3down and many other top players, Halo Infinite and 343 Industries have failed to deliver a complete product. Complaints regarding the game’s current status come in waves on Twitter. Furthermore, Snip3down’s team – FaZe Clan – has seen inconsistent performances since a third-place result at HCS Raleigh. A clip surfaced recently from the player’s Twitch stream, where he teased a potential switch back to Apex Legends.

Snip3down to Return to Apex?

In the clip, Snip3down briefly touches on the state of Halo with popular streamer and prospective professional Apex Legends Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff. “No, I’m not happy,” said Snip3down. In response to NICKMERCS telling the player to come back to Apex, Snip3down responded, “It’s in the works. Let’s just put it that way.” 

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This development comes just a few days following FaZe Clan’s top six performance at HCS Kansas City a disappointing result based on the team’s talent. FaZe exited the tournament after 3-0 losses to Cloud9 3-0 in the Winners Bracket and eUnited in the Lower Bracket. Snip3down and his team’s inconsistent results and evident frustration toward Halo Infinite and 343 Industries are contributing factors.

Snip3down Hopes to Compete at the ALGS Championship

ALGS champs

Apex Legends has become a staple in Snip3down’s recent Twitch streams, where he plays with top teams. He mentioned in the clip above that he wants to compete in the upcoming ALGS Championship this coming July. We’ll have to see if Snip3down makes that dream a reality and how it could affect his standing with FaZe Clan and Halo Championship Series.

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