SMITE Patch 11.3 Brings Back Domination, Buffs Several Gods, While Nerfing Envenomed Executioner

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SMITE Patch 11.3 Brings Back Domination, Buffs Several Gods, While Nerfing Envenomed Executioner

Alongside the SMITE 2 Founder’s Editions reveals, Titan Forge Games showcased the third big update of Year 11, SMITE Patch 11.3 which is sure to make a blast.

While Year 11 is SMITE 1’s supposed last year, it’s still getting regularly updated. Titan Forge Games can also go crazy as there’s no SMITE Pro League this year, so the changes can be more exciting – and a bit more reckless.

The 11.3 Update Show revealed not only the SMITE 2 Founder’s Editions, but a plethora of changes as well. Domination is making a comeback while a number of gods have received QoL changes that could be easily classified as buffs. Let’s get right into it!

SMITE Patch 11.3 – Game Mode Changes

  • Nut has been added to Ranked – Alongside a soft rank reset
  • Domination is coming back! The scoring system of the Capture the Outpost mode of SMITE has been revamped, as well as the Capture Points themselves. Now you need to hold the objective for a while to cap it, similarly to the Stygian Beacon in Conquest. Hop back and defeat some Sand Guardians!
  • The ban list for Duel has changed again, with gods such as Anhur, Guan Yu, Freya, Nemesis and Odin getting banned, while Amaterasu, Bellona, Ravana, Set and Tsukuyomi becoming available – among others.
  • The Conquest Jungle Shop now has a more distinguishable colour

SMITE Patch 11.3 – Item Changes

  • The Envenomed Executioner Glyph was a tad bit too strong, so the anti-healing and shielding effects now stack up to 4 times instead of reducing the abilities flat out.
  • Manikin Scepter and Mace now always heal if a jungle camp is killed without the need to stack the DoT. This will make it a much more viable choice for junglers!
  • Wing Shard’s and Vision Shard’s cooldown has been decreased by 30 minutes, which should make them worthwhile pickups now.
  • Soul Eater was one of the strongest items for bruisers historically, but has been lacking punch since the changes to lifesteal. The item grants more Power now, so Assassins could look to pick it up again.
  • Book of Thoth has been a staple since the Year 11 removal of Class Passives, but does a bit too well, so it gives 10 less power now.
  • In exchange for the removed Class Passive, a number of mage items have been buffed: Enchanted Spear has an extra 5 Penetration, Spear of Desolation, Divine Ruin, Rod of Tahuti, Charon’s Coin, Soul Gem, Spear of the Magus and Demonic Grip now has increased Power, Cursed Orb has flat Pen, while Doom Orb had both it’s Pen and Power buffed. This should put mages back into the midlane and end the reign of Ah Muzen Cab and Martichoras.
  • Sphinx’s Baubles now doesn’t have a protection and self-healing debuff, which should’ve never been on it in the first place.

SMITE Patch 11.3

SMITE Patch 11.3 – God Changes

  • Cronos’ 3 now has a lower Cooldown during the early levels, making it easier for him to clear and trade in lane.
  • Serqet’s 2 now has a flat 12 second Cooldown.
  • Hel’s Shadow 2 decreases more Protections later in the game, stripping 25 from enemies at ability rank 5.
  • Guan Yu’s 1 now heals more at every level – maybe it’s time to ride back into the Solo lane?
  • Bacchus’ 3 now deals more damage, making him an even more formidable kill support.

SMITE Patch 11.3 – God Quality of Life Improvements (or Buffs Part 2)

  • Chiron can now fire his 2 while running with his 3, so you don’t have to stop to secure those kills,
  • Kali can move while her passive UI is up, making her much more fluid,
  • Heimdallr doesn’t stun himself when missing his ultimate anymore,
  • Charon’s passive Max Health has been increased to 998, so he’s almost infinitely scaling,
  • Sobek can now FINALLY swim under player-made objects while in his ultimate,
  • Kukulkan’s Whirlwind tick scaling has been nerfed alongside his 2 Cooldown,
  • Ymir’s camera doesn’t get locked when casting his 2 or 3 anymore,
  • Skadi’s puppy, Kaldr now tanks minions 5 times better – not including Gold Fury and the Fire Giant,
  • Cupid now gains 2 stacks of his passive when attacking enemy gods,
  • Jing Wei now reaches the ground faster than enemies when getting knocked up by her 1,
  • Tiamat will now always respawn in Flying Stance whenever she dies,
  • Bastet can now cancel her 1 to put it on cooldown earlier – you don’t have to wait out the recast window,
    • The same is true for Freya’s 2 and Zeus’ 2
  • Freya’s 2 now also has decreased cooldown,
  • Cernunnos, Sylvanus, Zhong Kui, Hun Batz, Skadi, Eset, Agni, Zeus and Odin now have better animations, matching their attack and damage dealing.

SMITE Patch 11.3

SMITE Patch 11.3 – Major God Changes

  • Eset’s 1 now casts faster and the projectile speed has been increased,
  • Terra now has access to Force of Nature from level 1, but unless she puts a point in it, it deals no damage and has a 20 second cooldown,
  • Cthulhu now doesn’t have to channel his 2, which now has an incredibly short cast time. The ability has the same effects,
  • Agni can now walk while firing his Ult,
  • Odin’s 2 now deals all of the bonus damage even if the shield is not at max health. His 3 also has only 2 levels, pulsing only twice but dealing the same total damage, with the “homing missile” mode removed. The spear also knocks back minions.
  • Arachne’s 2 now doesn’t need 3 CONSECUTIVE basic attacks, just 3 successful ones to stun,
  • Xing Tian’s HP5 has been uncapped, with his passive granting 5+1 level temporary max health,
  • Shiva’s 3 now lets him slide along walls, and he gains the damage mitigation during the dash, not just in the pillar,
  • Athena’s Block Stacks have been removed, but she gains 60% Damage Mitigation against basic attacks on both her 1’s Charge and the Attack – this should make her more easily balanceable.

And there you have it! These new Quality of Life changes are much more impactful than at first glance. The Cthulhu, Odin and Agni changes will breathe life into these characters, as they won’t be hindered by mechanics that stuck around from the last decade. Patch 11.3 seems like a blast, so start testing!

SMITE Patch 11.3 Brings Back Domination, Buffs Several Gods, While Nerfing Envenomed Executioner
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